Saturday, June 1, 2013

A completely concocted story

I would begin by saying that as far as I know, the story I am presenting here is a completely fallacious and imagined one. All its characters are also fictitious. I don’t even think that such illegal acts can actually be done in real life. And this has certainly nothing to do with me in any manner.

The problem is that this story repeatedly comes in my dreams and it haunts me all the time I am trying to sleep. The only remedy that I can think of to save my life and my peace of mind is to narrate the story before everyone so that it no longer remains confined only to my dreams and I get rid of its constant haunting.

Once upon a time, there was a man. He was also an officer. As luck would have it, he also was a police officer. He was a bit independent minded and was not servile in his nature. As a result he often refused to toe the line dictated by others. This often brought him in conflict with his senior officers.

This officer was posted somewhere. Here also the same thing happened. This made the senior officer unhappy with him and he started having grudge with this officer. There must have been bad luck lurching somewhere around because at the same time, he somehow developed friction with his immediate subordinate. Interestingly, both the senior and the junior officer had excellent relations with each other.

The senior officer was asked to conduct an enquiry in a given matter. He immediately got in unison with the subordinate officer and framed a false but thick and genuine looking report indicting this officer with extremely serious criminal charges. This report declared this officer as being involved in a very serious crime.

The story was sensational and the report quite thick. It was immediately lapped by newspaper reporters and many news items got published making a complete villain out of this officer.

When the news appeared in many prominent newspapers, the Lord also got concerned. The Lord entrusted this enquiry to a pretty senior officer. Since our officer was truly innocent he was found so in the independent enquiry conducted by this senior officer of the Lord. He declared through his enquiry report that this officer was not guilty in any manner.

This officer, whom others had tried to frame with very serious charges was equally stubborn. He was not happy by being declared innocent and not-guilty. He also started demanding suitable action against all those officers who tried to frame him on false charges in a false case.

He has been pursuing his case for years though no one seems to be listening to him and his story. Everyone is advising him to forget the episode as a bad dream and to look forward instead of getting fixated in time and space. But this officer says that he would go on pursuing the matter as long as he can.

While all this was still going on, this officer decided that he would present his truth before the common masses. He searched his rule books and found that in his service, there is a provision of speaking out his facts through media after having taken the due permission of his Lord. The rule was that he needed to apply to his Lord to grant him permission to speak out and if there was no response from the Lord till a specified period, then it would be presumed that such a permission had actually been granted by the Lord.

The officer sought permission from his Lord. The Lord did not care to respond. The stipulated period passed off. The officer, thinking and presuming that now he that the right to interact with the media, called the media persons for interaction.

Suddenly his Lords developed cold feet. They started thinking of the repercussions of this Press interaction. In a hurried manner, they disused the fact among themselves and made a decision that the officer would not be permitted to interact with the media. No reasons were provided for this decision, only an order of this nature was dispatched.

It is month’s since this happened. Till date there has been no further progress in this matter. The officer has been writing incessantly, praying with folded arms to clarify the situation. He has been repeatedly saying that when the stipulated time period had passed, the Lord did not have a legal right to stop him from any Press interaction. He has been yelling at the top of his voice that he was been incorrectly and illegally gagged. He quotes various legal provisions including the Constitutional Articles related with freedom of expression but the Lord seems least bothered about these trivialities. In all certainty, the Lord regards himself as the law unto itself.

Thus the position today is that the Lord is sitting there relaxed, considers himself the law of the land personified. He also knows that the person struggling before him is nothing more than a mere servant. And he very well knows the limits of status and power that servants wield. To the Lord whatever he says is the only truth, whether being true or false, legal or illegal, constitutional or unconstitutional.

The only problem is this case is that the concerned officer is also very belligerent and foolhardy. He has the bad habit of quoting rules and regulations. He is also willing to face any adversities in his self-declared path of justice. Despite knowing that his Lord will feel bad about these acts, he still keeps harping over the same issue again and again.

This tug of war has been going for years. Prima facie is seems that what the officer says is legally correct because as per law, an officer seems to suo motu get the sanction to speak through media, the moment the requisite prescribed period after date of submission of the request is over. But then it is well known that the Lord is the ultimate king and he always considers himself above all laws. He is neither giving the officer permission to speak out nor is he stating any position to him. He is as relaxed as ever, while the officer is moving from pillar to post- feeling agitated and perturbed. 

It needs to be seen what course of events will this war between authority and legality will take further. But what is of real concern to me is the incessant persistence of this dream sequence that comes again and again in my sleep and is making my life miserable. I only hope, I am able to exorcise this ghost sooner so as to get fine and tranquil sleep.

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  1. Perfect - story .I am sure the person is strong enough to get going with life- life of living with all pleasures and happiness and still keep pursuing THE rightful path with the MISSION in life.What is life otherwise ????