Saturday, June 22, 2013

From no enemies to quarrelsome

Once upon a time I was posted as SP Deoria. There a person who used to be in regular company with me and about whom his adversaries warned me that his proximity his harming my reputation because he had the reputation of being a tout and middleman in the police department but I blandly ignored these suggestions because I had no other relation with him except considering him a friend, had once praised me these words-“You are person with no enemies.”

What he wanted to say was that no person (specially the political persons) opposed me despite his belonging to a political party other than one which was in power in the State.

There were specific reasons for what he said. At that time, that is during the initial years of my service, my fundamental process of thinking was that as an officer and as a human being I shall not only behave equally with every person, but shall also endeavour to act in a manner that does not hurt others.

Today I do openly admit that this approach was guided as much by my nature of treating everyone at par as by tendency of self-defence so that no one got annoyed or alienated with me.

In contrast to this, when I compare my behaviour today where I am willing for head-on collision with every second person, I really feel happy about myself and feel pitiful for that “No enemy” man of Deoria who existed within me once upon a time.


  1. Sir, I am too small person to comment, but would just share what I read which was said by some great person "when you fight for the right the whole world would stand against you, and this is the time when one should realize that he is one the right path"
    Jai Hind