Thursday, June 20, 2013

UP IPS Association vs Amitabh Thakur

Your pique does hurt,
but it has elements of delusion,
I think in my own way,
resulting in a few tangles.

I do want to get your love,
your support and your affection,
but a few restraints and responsibilities,
my inner urge overpower things.

A time shall come,
when you shall think like me,
 the distances presently seen,
shall get eroded all by itself.

These are a few words I have written for those friends in my service with whom I have a permanent and apparently deep fissure in our thoughts. Of the various issues on which we seem to be standing apart, one is related with an Association for the subordinate police officers.

Actually there is a Police Forces (Restriction of Rights) Act 1966. Under section 3(1) of this Act, any policeman in Uttar Pradesh can form an association only after taking due permission from the State government.
As per the RTI information, the UP IPS Association has not been granted the required permission by the State government and yet it is quite active. This prima facie seems to be an offence under section 4 of this Act.
When I quote these facts and talk of the need of a Unified Police Association in UP, many of my friends dissuades me by saying that IPS officers and the subordinate police officers cannot be placed on the same plank. On the contrary I feel that the entire Police Department is one entity. We can do good or bad together. We are known in the society as one Unit. Hence we need to get rid of these artificial divisions. I know that many of my friends do agree with me in their heart but the peer pressure stops them from coming forth and being more vocal.
It is this reason that drives me in my endeavour to form a Unified Police Association and in this process am ready to face the wrath of others.
The way many of the IPS officers think in different ways as regards their IPS Association and the association of subordinate police officers goes against the basic premises of the Constitution of India.
I went to the High Court for this where I was directed that if I have any grievance against the Uttar Pradesh I.P.S. Association, as it exists today, I may approach concerned authorities for appropriate action in accordance with law.

I have presented my facts before various appropriate places. Now the only way seems to be to get an FIR registered in this regards. Many friends might get angry on this but I am fully convinced that a timer will come when they will realize that I was correct in my thinking. Today the need is not to think in partisan manner to create artificial divisions in the police monolith but to think of the police as a single entity. I am dedicated to this cause with all my commitment.  

A time shall come,
when you shall think like me,
 the distances presently seen,
shall get eroded all by itself

Amitabh Thakur


  1. There are many who would support u and your thinking.

    1. Bravo, Mr & Mrs Thakur! Keep it up. I too am in the fray.