Friday, May 10, 2013

Let me hurt my legs

Let me hurt my legs

Today there was definitely positive response from the Hon'ble High Court which sought response from the State Government on my Writ Petition seeking appropriate action against those senior officers who were allegedly not cooperating in the judicial process in Hon'ble CAT regarding my promotion. It also fixed next hearing on a short date on 14 May.

There are many occasions when I can get my work done if I really want to do so or if I shut my eyes a bit or id I don’t irritate others. I can do so if I really want to get my personal work done. Mt problem is that I don’t want my works to get done. On the contrary, I want them to get spoiled and I want those works which could be done in a jiffy to get me engaged for life. At the same time I want that a permanent way emerges out of my own complexities.

The above Writ in the Hon’ble High Court is again one of the same nature. It has less to do with my personal gains and more to do with some inherent systemic and structural issues. If at all, I only increase the possibility of annoying powerful entities but these annoyances and the accompanied fear of threat or harm mean not much to me. Instead, the feeling of contributing to some larger issues does me a kind of intense inner satisfaction, just the way I raised in this Writ Petition. Here I raised the issue of punishing those officials who take the orders of the Hon’ble Courts as granted and never response in time. We must start resisting much apathetic and unwarranted official responses to the Hon’ble Court orders.

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