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The Blame lies on Swami Vivevakand

The Blame lies on Swami Vivevakand   

I had read the story “Haar ki jeet” (Victory of defeat) where the great story-teller Sudarshan had tried to establish the importance of faith in human beings and humanity per se. The story presented how there is no offence more serious than throttling the faith a human being reposes on his fellow beings. Somehow, this story has always remained one of the guiding principles of life, possibly because my own temperament is also molded in the same way.  While many occasions came when I doubts erupted as regards one or two or many other human beings, but never for once did I lose my faith in humanity per se. 

It is not that I always remained a living or burning example of magnanimity and generosity. On the contrary, there were many occasions when I came as being an extremely ordinary person or even a very stingy and uncharitable one, who was completely self-centered. Hence when I refer to the story Haar ki jeet, the purpose is not for once to glorify myself in any manner, but only to present the larger format of my thought process.  

I had read something along the same lines in my school book where Swami Vivekanand had said that even if he is cheated by human being a thousand times, he is not going to lose his faith in humanity even by an iota. This sentence remained the basis of my thinking and shall remain so for ever. 

Yet while it is true that my faith will remain undivided but the kind of episode I present here are the ones that often act as the catalyst for people getting susceptible of each other and disbelieve spreading among human beings.

I was SP in Gonda district in the year 2003-04. There among many people, he also came in contact with one Manoj Tiwari who was associated with one of the political parties at that time. He use to come to me with some public issues now or then.

Even after getting transferred from Gonda, we remained in contact because he used to visit me at my Lucknow residence as courtesy visits.  He used to tell me that he know generally lives in Lucknow and is a contractor. I also had a mobile number of his in my possession.

On 04 June 2013, he phoned me in the morning at my mobile number 094155-34526 saying that his mother is critically ill and she is admitted in Lohia Hospital, lucknow, for which he is in immediate need of money. He has been able to collect the rest of money and in case I could give him Rs. 6000, it would be a great service to him. He pledged that he would return the money in a few days. .

Since I had been fairly knowing him for long and he talked about his mother’s illness, hence I thought that not helping him would be improper and inhuman. My wife Nutan had her doubts about this but I even ignored her voice in the name of this person’s illness, leading to slight skirmish between us.

After some time, Tiwari came to my house and I myself gave him Rs. 6000. I also saved the new phone number from which he had called me. I had given Rs. 5000 as loan to my newspaper-vender only a few days ago for his daughter’s marriage and hence I noted the details of the two loans in a copy for my remembrance.

Newspaper vender’s loan gets deducted every month in his bills but Tiwari was never heard after he took money. I also did not phone him for days thinking of some untoward happening where asking for money would not look appropriate.

Yesterday on 31/08/2013, after many days I remembered the matter and phone him on both his numbers 08858067067 and 07398983327 at around 19.09. While phone number 07398983327 was found switched off, as is it presently, some other person picked phone number 08858067067 who told he is from a place called Itwa. He said he was fed up with this number where many calls came, often asking for money from Manoj Tiwari.

I immediately understood this was again a case of cheating where Tiwari had used his mother’s name to cheat me. I contacted my known people in Gonda and from there I came to know that Manoj, son of Mathura Prasad Tiwari was from Katra Bazar though his family now lived in Azad Nagar colony, near CMS school Gonda city. It was also told that he has been living in Lucknow for long and other such complaints of cheating people and swindling money in like manner are also there where he later changes his mobile number after cheating a person.

Hence this prima-facie seems to be a matter of cheating where Tiwari cheats people like me and others by taking such humane and sensitive pretext and later evaporates in thin air by changing place of residence etc.  

For me these 6000 rupees are not important as is the murder of my faith and cheating in mother’s name. Hence I got an FIR registered at Gomti nagar police station. Being a police officer, my FIR was registered much easily, though what will happen in the case is known only to the God almighty.

But I know for sure that such kind of Manoj Tiewaris not only harm themselves, they simultaneously harm the interests of thousands of other

Manoj Tiwaris by creating a sense of disbelief and lack of mutual trust in each other. To cheat others in the name of one’s mother- nothing could be more abhorrent than this.

Despite this incidence, I shall remain bound to my thoughts and ideology as stated by Baba Bharati and Swami Vivekananda but won’t it be better if lesser number of such Manoj Tiwaris alias robber Khadag Singh are born who always put the entire humanity at stake, for a pittance. 

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