Sunday, August 25, 2013

Center on Religious Study

I am thinking of initiating a small "Center on Religious Study" to contribute to the cause of religious tolerance.

Though I am personally almost an atheist, but at the same time I don’t have the requisite facts, logic, information or intellect to completely deny the existence of God. In no way can I be a religious bigot, nor do I ever think that my religion is superior to others, at the same time never treating any other religion superior to mine.

One thing is undeniable that religion occupies a very deep and inherent place in human psyche and his existence- both in a temporal and spiritual manner but unfortunately people generally carry an unknown fear and suspicion towards other’s religions which is truly dangerous.

Hence there seems to be a great need to make all possible efforts in the direction of understanding all religions and bringing them together, so that better sense of religious tolerance exists.

The "Center on Religious Study" that I envisage would be only a small step in that direction.


  1. It might be better to study Rajiv Malhotra's work.
    Rajiv Malhotra, (born September, 1950) is an Indian-American philanthropist, public speaker and writer on current affairs, world religions and cross-cultural encounters between east and west. A physicist and computer scientist by training, his career until his early retirement at age 44 spanned the corporate world as a senior executive, strategic consultant and a successful entrepreneur in the information technology and media industries. In 1995, he founded the Infinity Foundation (, seeking to foster a better understanding of the dharma religious traditions of India (most notably Hinduism and Buddhism) both in the US and on the subcontinent. The Foundation has given more than 400 grants for research, education and community work. Since he established his foundation, Rajiv has organized and led numerous conferences and scholarly events to address the challenges and opportunities arising from the growing encounters of civilizations east and west; his articles, blogs and books have a wide audience, and he is frequently interviewed and invited to deliver keynote addresses.

    1. Yes .. I agree.. he should read Being Different and also Breaking India..

    2. Hinduism is the only religion which respects other religions.

  2. well Mr. Amitabh, your acceptance that there is a God but you dont have the intellect to know itself shows that you are an aspiring Vedantist... Your stand may not be liked by abrahamic cults, now big enough to be called religions, originating out desert lands and so you may not have many takers from those big cults. One more point, the members of these cults want secularism @ sickularism, that is Hindu bashing all the way while cuddling the fanatic desert cults devoid of any spiritualism. If you oppose any of their view points and the nonsense contained in their books, you will be branded a right wing Hindu fundamentalist. just watch out. you will be branded a RSS-BJP man and not a right thinking person talking something rational. Why dont you try to get some abrahamic religious members to support Hindus in building the Lord Ram Temple at Ayodhya... after all this is a Hindu Country and Lord Ram was born there is our belief... will you ?

  3. Please Note their are two kind of religions one is local and one is foreign say alien. each nation , rather each town or state has its own religion. In last 2000 yrs two religions ISlam and christians have exported their religions, by using sword and deceit to curb local and destroy the host religion. Study should be done between host and foreign religion , how adopting aline or foreign religions by local economy and peace has been destroyed.
    Time to curb these foreign and alien religion adopted by locals.

  4. It is the cocktail circuit which wants to prove its" sickular" (hindu bashing)credentials at the cost of selling the country to the Jehadis.