Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Compilation of Survey Result- What does Police mean to you?


Q- "Whenever you hear the word "police" what feeling first comes into your mind?"
"जब आप पुलिस शब्द सुनते हैं तो आपके दिमाग में सबसे पहले क्या विचार आता है?” 

Responses obtained through Facebook, LinkedIn or email when the above open-question was posed to one and all are presented as it is, along with a brief introduction of the respondent, to my best possible information----

1.      Surendra Bhanot, social activist- State Terror, Unlawful Activities under state patronage, A pal of gloom, Harassment & Embarrassment, False Cases, Protection to Criminals
2.      Dr. Nitin Rajan Kochar (m.d.) ( ayurved)- p: pallor, o: organo megaly , l: lymphadenopathy, i: icterus, c: cynosis, e:edema
3.      Mani Ram Sharma, Judicial activist- Only a corrupt and coward may be able to serve the Police Department till his superannuation.
4.      Shanti Bhushan- Senior Advocate- Atrocity on the poor people. This is what comes to my mind on hearing the word Police.
5.      R B Purohit- Hafta collecting mafia from street vendors
6.      Planet Powai, Community newspaper- Thulla ab ghoos lega
7.      Ramanathan.G, Advocate- Strong aversion and unplesantness, despite i am an Advocate and i know the difficulties faced by bonafide persons, when the work in Police.
8.      Ravi Punjabi, private sector- Dear Amitabh, The first thing which comes is "fear" ..., And the next which comes up is them being "corrupt", so " unnecessary harassment"...
9.      Dr. S.V. Nadkarni, Ex. Dean L.T.M. Med. College,Mumbai- Depends on the situation. If it is uttered in casual conversation, no feelings . If there was an accident or fighting, "police" word brings relief. In panic, the word is uttered in desperation.In socio-economic discussions, "police" invokes Sympathy.In corruption, it invokes anger.
10.  Bhavesh Pandya- fear
11.  N.S.Venkataraman from Chennai - My immediate feeling would be as to how much bribe money that the police would demand from  me under one pretext or the other, though I would have done no wrong.
12.  Akalpita Paranjape- social activist- Dear Amithabhji, I feel safe and have confidence that when I need help, they are always there. The police have been very supportive and I take their help very often. I do not know whether it is because of my position, education or what. But, that is how I feel about police, at least in Mumbai and Panvel.
13.  Narayan Verma- Negligent, corrupt and not ready to help the citizens
14.  Cirag sawant- "Is Mehngai Me Bhi Hafta Lene aa gaye.....!!!!!!."........Frankly Speaking this is what comes to mind immediately when word "police" is heard. Nothing we can expect but only trouble from them. A Strong Feeling of Fear runs in mind when we hear about "police", getting into trouble without doing anything wrong.
15.  Arvind Kumar Sinha- (1)  Rude , Non-coopeartive , harassing and corrupt in extreme case.     (2)  Only to serve rich and powerful.     (3)  A common person should not waste time and money going to police. His/her problem will not be solved. In my case , they were not even registering  FIR. Only when i used my connection, they filed an FIR. And  this is the case with Mumbai Police.     (4) For getting a passport they would not move my papers. I had to shell out the bribe to my local police to get my passport. The sat on it for 3 months.           Again the Mumbai Police. 
16.  Umesh Rohatgi, IITian living in USA-- some one to fear from or best avoid them all together.
17.  S.K.Kapoor- Indian police is most corrupt, inhuman, in fact an organised gang having protection from Govt.
18.  Lalit Mohan Sharma from Delhi- Police is the most organised gang of criminals in the world.
19.  Alok Kumar- Respectd Sir, When i hear d word "Police" firstly i afraid that if my wife/inlaws will make a false dowry complaint(as they always saying and harrasing) against me/my parents they will arrest and torcher my hole family without any investigation or our clarification. Sorry to say that Police is always listening d women/wife, not husbnd or his family.
20.  Engineer Ajeet Kumar- police sarkari gunda hai
21.  Nikhil Ranjan Jha- Khauf..., Mere Dusman ko bhi inka chakkar na lage......
22.  Rajesh Mishra- maha bhrast log hota hai jara bach ke
23.  Navneet Jha- Hamare desh me nyaypalika se jyda bhrast kuch nahi hai. Usme police sabse pahle ata hai. Police ke nam se hi ek khaufnak sakshiat ka ehsas hota hai.
24.  Richard Dhruv- Fear
25.  Sucheta Dalal, financial journalist- Honestly.. first fear and second , worry about corruption, whatever the issue -- passport clearance, registration of simple FIR or whatever! 
26.  Anant Trivedi- social activist- crooked, extortion, cannot be trusted, do not serve the public, difficult to register FIR, not maintaining law and order, no proactive policing, hafta, undisciplined
27.   P M Burret from the Doon School- A bully, a man who is a thug in kharkee. I do not want to generalize and I know there are good policemen around, but the average cop is somebody who lives on bribes and throws his weight around because he wears a uniform.​
28.  Anshu Kumar, the Human rescue team- Can't believe for sure protection!
29.  Kaliki Jayachandra Reddy- Police: Person to be avoided.
30.  R K Atri, social activist- Fear,Extortion comes to my mind after hearing the word Police seeing my experience in Childhood in Western UP. Licensed Goonda;s in Khaki Uniform. There are exceptions like Yourself,YP Singh,PK Siddharth,BR Lall,VV Sardana,Ved Marwah with whom I had personal relations & work related 
31.  LK Kandpal- "Whenever I hear the word "police", I have a nasty feeling- a kind of scare and guilt. The people in the society also glare and stare with suspicion! The image of police is really horrifying.
32.  Tapan ghosh- "Corrupt" / "ghuskhor".
33.  Arun Bharat Ram, Chairman of SRF Limited- Incompetence
34.  Prashant Singh- Word police means 1. Chor 2. License dhari gunda 3. Na dosti Na dusmani acchi 4. Good for nothing. But exceptions are always there for example Mr Amitabh Thakur, Mr Anil Kumar, Dr A Jay not many more.
35.  P.R.Iyer- A set of unhelpful people who use their uniform and time only to achieve personal gains
36.  Ramu.Meesala- phone no 09848091839.- Dear Mr.Amitabh ji, the first thing what I feel when i hear the word "POLICE"..they are meant only for obeying the orders of their superiors or else the political leaders around..moves with no where relevance with the incident in  most of the cases.
37.  Prof V Vasudeva Rao, Prof & Head of an Engineering college in Vijayawada- dear sir, whenever we hear police, we fear
38.  Shishir Kumar Dholakia, Senior Advocate, Supreme Court- FEAR
39.  Navin Sinha, IIT graduate and self-employed- Fear and disgust. on 31st January, I was coming home after a client call. since the call was with a US client scheduled to start very late, we decided to take it from a colleague's house very close to my house, hardly 300 metres while coming back (around 12.30). two cops came on a bike from behind and asked me where i was going. in fact they cooked a story that 3 of you were coming, two of them went inside this house and you moved forward - who were those two ? i said i was all alone and i am walking from THAT house to THAT house. they asked for identity. i showed them - that is my house, pls come there and i will give you my identity card. they wouldnt listen. threatened to take to police station. they made me talk to the SHO who told me that if you come here we will have to put you into lockup so settle it there only. they wouldnt listen to any explanation. i told them several times give me one minute i will explain to you why i am coming so late and from where i am coming. whenever i would start a sentence, they would interrupt on some word (e.g. when i said i run a company, they said - "owner of a company walking on foot, dont fool us". everything that i tried to say, they would interrupt, find a caveat and say - you are lying, dont fool us). this was my only experience with police other than passport verifications.  (those are stories too). but i said we will go to police station. i clandestinely made a call to a friend asking him to come to the police station (till that point they were not even letting me make a call. since i was sitting on a bike sandwiched between those two while going to the police station, i managed to take out my phone and quickly make a call). when they heard i was calling somebody there, they took me to a corner, took 1000 rupees and left me. i hate even the sight of the police.
40.  Pushkar raj, Melbourne (Australia), National General Secretary (Former), People's Union for Civil Liberties (PUCL) - Hi Amitabh, First , accept my appreciations for taking up the research project that may have policy formulation value given that we are in midst of legislating new police laws, notwithstanding truncated or faulty  process so for adopted by the power that be. Now on the main point: Whenever I hear the word police I visualize a smug, not well dressed, overworked , tired, khaki clad government official who carries arrogance up on his shoulder and is ever ready to ask questions to pin you down so that you become  defensive rather than helping you to negotiate with or through law. When I write thus, I am referring to constabulary that constitutes over ninety percent of police force.
41.  Suresh Bhat- "Corrupt", "Communal", "Torture"
42.  Promod Chawla, social activist- Corrupt & Incompetent
43.  Swarup Sarkar- Dear Sir,With reference to your study being interacted with many police personnel as well as heard others story as a moderator of Save Family Foundation , would like to share as under :1. Police means , they will harass you , irrespective you right or wrong, if you are a Men. 2. Police will never take any compliant form men or from their family members , let their wife or DIL do whatever they want. 3. IPC had given the power to police to file IPC182 for filling false compliant, but they will never do that , let you give them 100 witness or 100 documentary proof. More than 65000 married men ending their life , but police never make wife responsible, but if any women die in accident also , police term the same as Dowry death and put all behind the bar. 4. Bribe , off course , a man have to pay without that he can't seek any justice from Police. 5. Never ever compliant against Police personnel, let he/she do abuse you , threat you , because you will be dragged in other cases. 6. CRPC41 had made the LAW, but still Police do not follow the same in right sprite , they think arrest is their birth right , where as various court said, power of arrest and arresting some one is different. When a person co-operating in investigation , there is no need of arrest, but maximum police do not understand that. 7. Police gone through a very hard life , without any leave , so they are behave like in human. 8. Honest police officers , no allowed to work and they had been targeted by false rape/molestation or other cases by other gang of corrupt police along with various women NGO. 9. Police will never come on time , when the crime happening, they will always come on spot after the criminal run away. 10. The real criminal have very good relation with many police officers. As per , there are about 5 to 6% good honest police officers, but they are not allowed to work with honesty. So, honest police officers prefers to work with the flow and specially how the MP/Ministers or women NGO direct them.
44.  Raja Vadera- Goons, OK so what do we want to do about it given that constitution of india as such give only limited power to the police
45.  Rajendra Popat- police in india is lazy,inefficient,corrupt,not accountable,double standard, behaves with partiality towards particular caste etc.
46.  Mujeeb from Mumbai- Darr ka ehsaas
47.  Varun Arya, runs a Management institution- CORRUPT.
48.  Mukesh Tayal, lives in Canada- I presume you are seeking opinions only from residents of India. I live in Canada, nevertheless, my first three reactions are, in order of decreasing priority: Thank goodness, here comes help in my emergency, Thank you Officer for keeping my person and my environment safe, I hope I am driving within the speed limit. 
49.  Anil Kumar pandey- While hearing word police----feel Khauf and trap
50.  Arun Joshi- fear
51.  S Malhotra from India First- Dear Mr Amitabh, Whenever one hears the word POLICE the immediate thought is it being a den of corruption. Basically every chowkie and police station is a hafta collector. The local goonda(usually a goonda turned neta) and repeat offender  considers a police station as his sasural.The common man, the complainant is considered as a criminal. Today Mumbai police is the most corrupt where the undereworld has full support. I had my self written to verma commission to install cctv cameras in the police station and put the onus on the officer who has filed the complaint to be answeable to the complainant taking a clean chit from him,otherwise his promtion shud be held up and many more. My own experience with Mumbai police as a complainant is worst as I refused to take influence of any neta known to me.
52.  Innocent fighter, Mans right activist -Amitabh Ji, Good day , Police is a real terror in India . police is the only one authority which violating the basis human rights without any fear . police is the real responsible to register all fake and false cases against the innocents . police is responsible for lengthy trials becoz they don't want to do or perform investigation . last but not least, Police support and spread legal terrorism in India via misusing of biased laws like 498a sec 376 sec 354 .
53.  PUCL, Dakshina Kannada- With reference to your mail dated 1st May. I have to state that the word “Police” raises in my mind very strong mixed feelings. While on the, one hand my  mind revolts and creates strong feelings of hate towards the police on the other hand it creates more hate  towards the Politicians. Given an opportunity, I would shoot down most of the culprits and criminal Politicians in this country, who are the root cause of all evil in India, who are causing pain and misery to majority of Indians. Police are used as tools by the Politicians and the powerful.  Simultaneously, I get very strong feelings against the citizens of India, as well as so called Human Rights organizations whose silence has created this situation. I have come to this state of mind after being in social work especially concentrating on Human Right, civil Liberties and corruption for the last 50 years, in Karnataka. On 1st day of June 2012, the  Karnataka Government has passed  “The Karnataka Government (Amendments) Ordinance” which incorporates most of the features suggested by the Supreme Court, in Police Reforms but the same Government  has not bothered to appoint the State Security Commission, Police Establishment Commission, State Police Complaint Authority and District Police Complaint Authorities. But the most painful and disappointing situation is that the none of the NGO’s,  otherwise active in Human Rights field is bothered to pressurize the Government to implement this Act. Ultimately the truth is that the people get the Government what they deserve. Unless our people are ready for Police Reforms. Police Reforms will never be implemented, silence of the so called good people is the cause of this.   
54.  Gopal Krishna Iyer- My father and grand father used to say  if one can avoid visiting Police station, hospital and court in one’s life time then his life is victorious! The purpose, for which one has to visit these places, will be served if one has plenty of money and connections, mean to say that you can buy out what you want! Police, in a way, is following a democracy for the rich,affluent,and powers that be, by the rich, affluent and powers that be and of the rich, affluent and powers that be! Whether police is available for services at a place of calamity/distress or at a call from the poor and needy or not they are available in more than abundance in the services of rich affluent and powers that be!! Police functioning only helps in delaying and complicating the outcomes! It is an image depicting the fact that nothing worth the name governance exists! If I warn a regular wrong doer that I will inform Police he is, in most cases, more than  happy! I am a senior citizen and might have visited the polices station 15 to 20 times in life, for me and for others!! Only comfort is that over a couple of million people in direct employment in police and several millions in "indirect" employment get benifited which otherwise would have added to the country's unemployment percentage!! This is my personal observation in comparison to developed countries! Exceptional cases are very very rare!!
55.  Amrit Burret- Doon School- Keep them away. Crooks and not trustworthy. Specially UP police. Licensed gundas.  Its sad but this is what one see around. Thanks for the survey. It is a very important question to be worked on.
56.  Gaurav Dubey- CEO Samvad Travels-lachar,pirit, lekin kuch bure logo ne system kharab kar diya hai aur inka nam sunte hai bura hi jaban pe aata hai, ghuskhor,dar,har kam pe paisa
57.  Tapan Mozumdar- IIT Kanpur, ITC executive- Fat
58.  Sanjiva Dayal, self employed professiuonal- Servant who behaves like ruler, Scotland Yard
59.  Vivek Singh Rajput, student- Police ke saath dena, Police me join krna, Desh ki raksha, Crimnal ka naash, Respect or unke saath kaam krna in discipline
60.  Siddharth Verma, advocate- एक आतंकित करने वाला विधि सम्मत फ़ोर्स। जहां कोई भला मानस जाने से डरता है क्योकि उसको सदैव यह आशंका रहती है कि चाहे वह शिकायतकर्ता हो या आरोपित, उसकी छीछालेदर होनी ही है।
61.  Bhaskar Kanungo-Confederation of Indian Industry- Inistutution which will question my credentials and treat a victim like an accused. Where despite being highly qualified than the constable, he will behave and communicate without any respect till I give him some reference or hint of some known senior officer....Another thing comes to my mind while dealing with police officers (IPS and PCS) and officers at station / thana level is there is lot of difference between the grassroot level officals and armchair senior officers.
62.  Aditya Vikram Jaiswal, President of Empower Jharkhand-  No comments is d write word for this
63.  Aseem Mishra- IIT Kanpur, private sector- monster looters with legal tools to harass us
64.  Sarvesh Upadhyay- IT sector, Banglore- First feeling comes is safety protection but next moment keep away from them!!!
65.  Varun Reddy, IIM Lucknow passout-  Guys in Khakhi uniforms
66.  Anurag Kureel, lives in Delhi- Reform
67.  Aadil Hasan Azad, lawyer and Minority rights- Bhrashtachar ki jannani,
68.  Nizamuddin Ahmed, works in UNICEF- Kya hua?
69.  Ajith Kumar, Professor at TAMPI, Manipal-  Had a very bad impression of police in India, until we did some projects for them here in Manipal. Now I sympathize with them. Karnataka police is on a reformation path...
70.  Ramesh Paandey, Mumbai based advocate- Chor ke liye yamraj;  Sajjan ke liye madadgar is the moto of Police policy......... Police was, is n will be a decent n discipline force for human being around the world. It is being condemned because of few people. Every field n profession has black sheep it does not mean all are worst.
Need of our is be discipline at first instance n then expect others to follow the pursuit of our discipline human nature.
71.  Sushant Garg, executive in Samsung India-  Sorry to say but honestly speaking while hearing the word "Police"----- its sparks that Something must be wrong, in or around.
72.  Satinder Singh, Rudrapur based journalist-  Sir police galat nhi hai police me kuch log galat hai... me saloot karta hu ips adhikariyo ko jino ne mere parents ko bachaya... ips offices sadhna gosawami is the best officer... god bless to honest officers..
73.  Madhavi Shree, woman journalist- ofcourse not comfortable feeling....
74.  Manish Kumar Singh, Delhi based- " Oh Shit, now what " pls. excuse me but this is the first thing comes to mind
75.  Rafi Ulla, preparing for civil service- They need only money
76.  Bharat Bhaskar-works in HCL Technologies- Despite Supreme Court have has given so much power to investigating officer, police do not write the facts in their final report and charge sheet. Charge sheet makes the foundation of the case. Police must realize this and ensure that FR & CS should help justice to prevail. I feel pity for Police men, they are serving society. They are in constant political pressure. Police is still honest compared to other departments
77.  Shafiullah Anis-works in Reckitt Benckiser bad experience of money extortion
78.  Wali Siddiqui, senior journalist-  Polie is synonymmous of menace, aggresiveness, misbehaviour, lawbreakers, bribe takers, lethargic, delay response...n always pass the ball into others court to sheild them
79.  Vikki Choudhry- Director at Home Digital Media Limited- My Experience >Sir, I have been handling Police since the age of 15. as I was very close to the family of a very renowned senior IPS officer and his brother who was the senior advocate at the SC, my brush with the police was quite interesting at all times , I was taught not to bribe police and in all adverse circumstances my lawyer uncle and his police officer brother were always there to my rescue. at the age of 19 I first time got arrested where I came out to protect a boy being badly beaten and about to be stabbed by some guys and I intervened and averted the stabbing, as the goons where known to the MP from the area, who had called the local police and I being the witness was arrested along with the victim when after getting the victim first aid and stiches on his head I took him to the police station for the registration of FIR. unfortunately my dear lawyer uncle and his IPS brother couldn't do much as the FIR was already been done by a ASI who was paid Rs. 10,000 by the goons/attackers in those early 90s days. I along with the injured spent the night in Police lock up. My lawyer uncle could only help me the next day to secure bail and his DCP brother immediately ordered the area ACP to conduct an enquiry into the incident. after me personally along with the victim / injured being present in the ACP office The ACP after hearing us, personally went to pick up the attackers the victim has named, but I understand he was given 25K by the family's of the accused's (came to know later) and he came back and started shouting at us the complainant and the witness of dire consequences in future. This was a lesson of my life time though I was so close to the family of a Senior SC lawyer and his DCP brother. that thereafter I always made a point to pay the police in advance by cash or kind.(Diwali, Holi, Xmas New year) where till now at the age of 44 i have had no further FIR against me. its not that I have not been involved in drunken brawls, accidents and disputes. Still in one of my office for the past 20 odd years where I had sanctioned Rs. 200 for every PCR vehicle each month in the year 1991. I am told by my staff that they still come all the way to collect that Rs.200 till now each month. maybe after spending much more than that on the fuel.
80.  Raghvendra Singh, social activist- दिमाग में एक चीज सबसे पहले आती है वो है अनचाहा झमेला दूसरा मान सम्मान पर खतरा तीसरा जेब पर खतरा
81.  Santosh Kumar Singh, lives in Chiba, Japan- Kat ke nikal lo
82.  Surendra Nath Rai, engineer- Police se door raho, Apni samasya khud by hook or crook solve karo...Police se nyada ummed mat rakho.
83.  Ram Gayas- Junior Engineer in Railways- आप इमानदार उत्तर लेके सबको फिर जेल भेजवाना चाहते है क्या ..
84.  Kartikey Bhargava from Sahara India Parivar- Police Shabd Ke Bare Aam Logo Ki Rai Se Aap Wakif Hai
85.  Prabhat Ranjan, working in a Delhi college- डर लग जाता है।
86.  Sanjay Singh Bishen- Bhrasht aacharan wala vtaktitv
87.  Rohit Jha, who works in Theater-  की कुछ लफड़ा हुआ है.....
88.  Anupam Singh from NIT Warangal- fear
89.  Shree Chaitanya Shree, associated with RSS- SARKARI CHOR AUR GUNDA
90.  Musanna Faizan, works in Forward Press- Group of organized and licensed criminals
91.  दीपक शुक्ला, government counsel-  घूसखोर
92.  Nitin Thakur  मुसीबत
93.  Priyesh Rai- Registrar in a Noida based management college- कुछ गड़बड़ हो गया | आये है सब, दो चार लोगो को पकड़ के ले जायेगे | दोनों पक्षों से हज़ार पांच सौ लेंगे | फिर सबको छोड़ देंगे |
94.  Alaka Madhok associated with Madhok Foundation- Security
95.  Navneet Raj, news channel- Corrupt. .
96.  Vishwadeep Ambardar, Electrical Engineer in UP Government-khaki
97.  Nirankar Shukla, school teacher- Brastachari jis kibankhen band hai hanth khule
98.  Delhi based Srijan Shilpi 'पुलिस' के बारे में सबसे प्रचलित कहावत यह है कि उससे न तो दोस्ती भली है और न ही दुश्मनी। यानी कि पुलिस से दूर ही रहो तो बेहतर है।
99.  Rohit Kumar, law student- लाइसेंसी गुंडा, सरेआम गुंडागर्दी
100.                     Avdhesh Kumar Gupta- runs a diagnostic center-SARKARI GOONDA
101.                     Arpan Vishwakarma, Union Bank of India- after watching सत्यमेव जयते, बेचारे कैसे झेलते हैं ये सब ??
102.                     Vivek Ranjan Rai, Inspector in UP Police-  In India we can't live without Air, water, food and police ( majboori hai ) The word Police doesn't sounds gud, Asabhya samaj ki jarurat, apne sabhi roopon main, Pl comment only after Imagining- "indian Society without Police" then only right views will come up," Jaise Praja vaisa Raja"..........Andher Nagri chaupat Raja takesher..............Koi desh kitna cultured hai ek without redlight wale churahe se napa jata hai,now one can judge what we r and our police is
103.                     Owes Zia, working in Dubai-  kam parhai zyada kamaai, bhagwaan bachaaye
104.                     N P Sharma, New Delhi based- Licensed Gunda, Sarkari Aatankwadi
105.                     Surendra Singh- Pareshani
106.                     Yashwant Singh, Manager in ICICI Prudential- Protector with Charge
107.                     Virendra Kumar Misra- teacher- किसकी सामत आयी
108.                     Mukund Kumar Egoists ....... along with all other negative attributes.
109.                     Arun Trivedi- Directorate of Revenue Intelligence-Aafat
110.                     Drigraj Madhesia, senior reporter at HT Media- Kanha fans gaya
111.                     Hemant Suri, architect- I don't know most of my interaction with cops has been good. Even though have paid 5 challans of Rs. 3,000 for DuI. Maybe that helped me kick the habbit
112.                     Kamal Sharma, works in Hero Honda-  भवगान दूर ही रक्खे
113.                     Pankaj Singh, educationist-Abhadra gali yukt bhasha, asahayogatmak rawaiyy.
114.                     Neeraj Kumar, works in ONGC-  Amitabh jee ...the first thought is God ! never ...never ...I have to face /interact with this person...!!
115.                     Umesh Kumar Gupta, Assistant Professor- वर्दी के आड़ मे छिपा शैतान
116.                     Trilochan Shastri Rakesh from Kashi Vidyapeeth- Danda
117.                     Tanay Srivastava from Tundla- Depends upon state to state, Hahaha. Police waalo kee samaj mei kitnee khrab image hai,Arrey kyu kapdey faad rahey ho policewaalo key ... Koi tareef bhee tho karo ?
118.                     Roshan Parwez, journalist- Wardiwala gunda
119.                     RC Sharma, works in National Police Academy, Hyderabad-The Govt., who administers the area.
120.                     Shashank Pal, works in Allahabad High Court- Bewajah ki pareshani..... door rahne mein he bhalai..
121.                     Sudhir Pintu, associated with Samajwadi Party- satta ka peshkar, such ko jhoot aur jhoot ko such me badlne ki machine.
122.                     Bhanu Pratap Rathod, works in Dainik Jagran- Khaki vardi
123.                     Kailash Mani Tripathi, works with Rajkamal Prakashan- chor, chor kahne ka mera matlab police ke against koi chor nahi jabki police hi chor hai, aap ko bataau mai jab intermediate me padhta tha tab hamaare shahar me ek daroga badaa prashidh tha ki wo gundon ko bahut marta hai, aur jab do saal baaddd jab mai college gayaa to wo sala to wahaa gundo ke sath ghumta tha aur ladkiyan chedta tha, fir jab aur bhi kuch saf hua to ye bhi pataa chalaa ki wo un gundo ko marta tha jin gundo se usake dost gundo se ladaai hoti thi, ab bataaiye aap kya kahenge
124.                     Avinash Murkute, works in private sector- Few Good Men and Few ........
125.                     Abhi, journalist- ना दोस्ती भली ना दुश्मनी ....
126.                     Dilip Kumar Gupta, Engineer with Government of India-  haiwan hote hai aur khoon least at lower level upto SHO. they can't behave nicely....
127.                     Raghvendra Dwivedi, from Orai- भ्रस्टाचार और अन्याय को बढावा देने वाली प्रथम संस्था, गाली
128.                     Deepak Kumar Jha, student-- bhrastachar ka chalta - firta namuna. mai yaha spast kar dena chahata hu meri ye rai sabhi police walo ke liye nahi h kuchh police wale imandar bhi hote hain jinki tadad bahut hi kam h
129.                     Ajay Kumar from IIT Roorkee- पावर ब्रेक, दूरी बनाए रखे!!
130.                     Saurabh Sharna, student- chor lutere
131.                     Archit Parmar, private sector- लुच्चे,लखेरे,बदमाश । UP Police में सिपाही से लेकर ऊपर तक के सारे अफसर बेईमान हैं । और जितने बेईमान हैं वो सब districts,range और zones में तैनात हैं । जो 2-4 गलती से ईमानदार हैं वो PTC और Hqrs में वर्षों से attach हैं ।
132.                     Shatrughna Sinha, engineer- Khaki
133.                     Abhitabh Choubey, Non governmental organization- एक सुरक्षाकर्मी. लेकिन अलग अलग राज्य के पुलिस के लिए अलग अलग विचार है. दिल्ली के लिये- ड़क लेकिन मोटे पैसे पे फिसलते जवान. यू.पी. के लिए- चिल सी निगाह किधर से धन निकाला जाये. पूरी तरह से साहब लोगो के सेवक. जनता से कोई मतलब नाही. बिहार के लिए - मोटा पेट, कहा क्या हो रहा है; कोई मतलब नाही. अगर कोई चपेटे में आ जाये तो माल निकलवाने में माहिर.
134.                     Vijay Rana, media person- A law enforcement machine pressured by India's corrupt people .
135.                     Raj Kamal, financial sector-.....- रिश्वतखोर , अमिताभ भाई, अगर सैद्धांतिक बात की जाए तो "पुलिस" का अर्थ है "सुरक्षा का एहसास" लेकिन व्यवहारिक जीवन की बात करें तो वर्तमान में "पुलिस" का अर्थ है आम इंसान की ज़िन्दगी में "भय का एहसास". सैद्धांतिक एवं व्यवहारिक रूप में "पुलिस" शब्द के मायने में इतना फासला इस बात का द्योतक है की हमारे देश की पुलिस अभी तक इस देश के आवाम को यह एहसास नहीं दिला पायी है की "पुलिस जनता की सुरक्षा और सहयोग" के लिए है. यह भय क्यों और कैसे ? यह एक ऐसा सवाल है जिसके जवाब में "पुलिस" और "पब्लिक" के बीच के रिश्ते की गूढ़ता छुपी हुयी है और समाज में पुलिस के औचित्य का राज छुपा हुआ है. यह जरुरी है की इस देश की जनता "पुलिस" की मुश्किलों और दायरों को समझे और "पुलिस" जनता की आवश्यकता और पुलिस के प्रति भय के कारणों को समझे। अगर यह बात जनता और पुलिस, दोनों को समझ में आ जाए तो इन दोनों में अन्योन्याश्रय सम्बन्ध निश्चित रूप से कायम होगा जो दोनों के लिए परस्पर सहयोगपूर्ण और फायदेमंद होगा, तभी "बढ़िया पुलिसिंग" हो पाएगी।
136.                     Ravindr Yadav from New Delhi- Afat && ugai
137.                     Alok Bajpai, academician- I feel respect for the tough job they try to accomplish despite so many deficiencies on their part.
138.                     Kshazan Singh Bharadwaj , works is Basic Shiksha Parishad, Delhi-बच सको तो बचो......................
139.                     Vivek Singh, UP Cooperative Bank- पुलिस और सांप से न दोस्ती अच्छी ना दुश्मनी
140.                     Aditya Narain Singh, Associate professor- Aisa aadami jo pidit aur aaropi dono se paisa leta ho aur neyay ka gala ghotata ho.
141.                     Rana Deepak Singh, film maker- Chindi-Chor
142.                     Ajiay Vikram Singh, advocate- Jab tak azadi ke pahle ka act's bina sudhar lagu rahega. Atyachar se trast janta acchi soch kaise bana payegi
143.                     Ajay Kumar, uncle in merchant Navy- Avoid
144.                     Rajesh Kumar, Pharmacist- Shikari
145.                     Ashish pandey- Media coordinator for Kapil Sibal- phans gye bhai
146.                     Narendra Srivastava- mulakaat n ho to jyaada accha hai
147.                     Akhilesh Mishra, works in public sector- jase sadak per janwar dhek ker admi ksi tarah bachker niklalna chata hai wase hi .
148.                     Manoj Kumar Jha, works in field of environment- अभी कुछ दिन पहले मेरा ड्राइविंग लाइसेंस गम हो गया, मैं पुलिस स्टेशन गया, इन्स्पेक्टर क्राइम से मिला और आवेदन देकर आ गया. शाम को उन्होंने खुद अपने मोबाइल से फोन करके बुलाया और कहा कि पुलिस सर्टिफिकेट तैयार है. .३० के बाद कभी भी आकर ले जाएँ. मुझे खुशी हुई और लगा कि ऐसे पुलिस अगर पूरे भारत वर्ष में हो जाएँ तो फिर सब काम आसान हो जाएगा. एक दिन मैं सुबह की सैर पर जा रहा था, देखा कि एक आदमी सड़क के किनारे ढेले पर अमरुद बेच रहा था. एक पुलिस वाला आया उसने अमरुद का दाम पूछा और जेब से .५० पैसे निकाल कर उसको दिया और एक अमरुद लेकर खाता हुआ चला गया. अपने बिहार में ऐसा होता तो पुलिस आकर उसे धमकाता और कुछ खाकर घर के लिए भी कुछ बाँध लेता. ऐसे हैं तमिलनाडु के पुलिस. बिहार पुलिस के कुछ सच्चाई-() मैंने कानपुर से अपने घर का सारा सामान ट्रक अपने गाँव भेजा. उत्तरप्रदेश तक कोई दिक्कत नहीं हुई, बिहार में घुसते ही पुलिस ने रोका, हाउस होल्ड सामान की सूचि होते हुए भी वे कुछ लेन-देन पर अड़े रहे, अंत में ड्राइवर ने मात्र तीस रुपया दिया और आगे बढ़ गया.
) अभी मेरी पत्नी पटना गयी थी, उन्हें न्यू सचिवालय से दाहिना एयरपोर्ट की तरफ जाना था इसलिए ड्राइवर को गाड़ी दाहिने रखना चाहिए था, किन्तु वह पटना के लिए नया था. गाड़ी में बायें थी और उसे पुलिस से ही रोड पूछना था, पुलिस ने उसे साइड किया और उसका लाइसेंस ले लिया. गाड़ी का फोटो खींचने लगा. मेरी पत्नी ने फोन किया तो मैंने कहा की आप लोग भी पुलिस वाले का फोटो खींच लें, जब मेरी पत्नी ने उसका फोटो खींचा तो उसने तुरत एयरपोर्ट का रास्ता बता दिया और कोई चलान नहीं हुआ.() मेरे एक रिश्तेदार रेलवे पुलिस में दरभंगा में पोस्टेड हैं, एक दिन मैं उनके यहाँ गया तो देखा की वो आधा बोरी गेहूँ लेकर आये, फिर शाम को आधा बोरी और इस तरह पूरा बोरा गेहूँ अपने घर भेज दिए, मेरे द्वारा पूछे जाने पर उन्होंने बताया कि माल गोदाम से बुग्गी मार कर निकाल लेते हैं, गर्व है हमें बिहार की पुलिस पर. वाह !!! कुछ और नमूने बाद में प्रस्तुत करूँगा जायज को छेड़ो नहीं, नाजायज को छोडो नहीं (In Our Tamilnadu, not for other states)
149.                     Vinod Sharma, telecom sector- येही जी पुलिस केवल पैसे लेगी और कुछ नही करेगी
150.                     Nizam Qureshy, social sector- Mere mann mein to esa kuch nahin ata hei kyunki mujhe to in logon se, sir ji bahut hein shabd kam pad jayneg, ulajhna acha he lagta hei........baki police shabd sunker he bahut se log ache ur mahan shabdon se police ur policewalon ko NAWAZNE lgte hein.........kuch to bat hogi jo esa hote hei, Ek kahawat hei sir ji, 'POLICE WALE APNE PAPA JI K BHI SAGE NAHIN HOTE HEIN', bilkul sateek acurate hei ye bat, Atayachar, atyachar, ur ur ur sirf annaye k sath atyachar
151.                     Sanjay Bharti from Lucknow University-  Sir... Pichhle 30 salo se mere gawn par jameen ka vivad hai... Virodhi pachh police ko paisa de dete hai aur polic hame ulta paresan karti hai... Its my personal experience sir...
152.                     Manoj Kumar Dubey, student-  police aur yamraj ko sayad hi koi pasand karega .............dar lagta hai ...............log apne dil me galiya dete hai ...........police me icon ki sankhya bahut kam hai ............
153.                     Dileep Singh, member Lok Adalat- Hàrajade desh ke kalank air leaving 1% honest, Harankhor chor vrdidhari lutera Demon and??///???????, अब जनता को पुलिस एवं राछस में राछस ज्यादा पसंद हैं जो एक ही दिन कष्ट देता है ये नीच तो जोंक की तरबंंंं
154.                     Bharat Bhushan- kutte,briefly aap se pahle hi discuss kar chuka hun..vaise ye kaminapan aur paise kmane ki bhukh ab rail k employee me bhi purn rup se panap chuki h.koi mauka nahi chhodna chahte aur har kam me adnga lagane ko taiyar h paise k liye.
155.                     Rajesh Sharma, advocate, Supreme Court- Sacchai kadvi hoti hai....barambar sunker vo badalne waali nhn Amitabhji....aap kya sunana chahte hain ye batain? A gang of organised criminals in uniform. ....this was uttered by SC judge for our police force and a common man thinks no differently.
156.                     Arun Kumar Mishra, Medical professor- High pressure job...senior officers ..good conduct....
157.                     Vishwanath Pandey from BHU- Achha Nahi Lagata.
158.                     Mahesh Goyal, batch-mate from IIT Kanpur- Hamara Bhai Amitabh Thakur and bhabhiji.
159.                     Madhvendra Pratap Singh from Lucknow University-  Amiron ke pitthu aur aam aadmi ke liye danav..
160.                     Niraj Kumar, ex Professor, Lucknow University- Kya nayi musibat aayi ghoos leney phir aa gaye
161.                     Anil Rai from IIT Guawahati- A machinery which spends most of its time in hafta wasooli extortionist activities...Its not for common people even though takes salary from tax payers money...Inse jitna door raho, utna hi acha hai...
162.                     Ravindra Nath Thakur, Professor in Medical College- trouble maker
163.                     Rajesh Ranjan Srivastava, Hindustan Power projects- Koi aur bat karte hai....
164.                     Saurabh Suman, works in Ranchi- Bahut dar lagta hai
165.                     Suresh Gandhi, reporter at Aj Tak- khoon khaul jata hai, vardi ke bhes me dakait hai, UP PULIS SIRF MULAYAM AKHILESH SHIVPAL V RAMGOPAL KE GUNDO V MAFIAO KE LIYE KAM KR RHI HAI.., MAYAVATI SARKAR ME YE PAINT SARKATE RHTE HAI..MAYAVATI KE NAM PR HI INKI PAINT GILI HO JATI HAI, securiti ke nam pr hi to loot rhe hai
166.                     Kamlesh Mishra, self employed- Lagta hai police wale aayenge to kam se kam tea ke paise jarur lekar jayenge
167.                     Dr Manish Shukla from Lucknow University- निकम्मे मक्कार पैसे के लिए कितना भी गिर सकते हैं। सभी पर नहीं लागू।छोटे से लेकर बड़े तक कुछ लोग कर्तव्यनिष्ठ।
168.                     Ajay dayal- security
169.                     Adarsh Kumar Rai from BHU- Dar lekin keval comman man
170.                     Krishnanand Rai- Director in DOT- Dar lekin keval comman man
171.                     Pankaj Kumar, HP University, Shimla- hamare village me police chowky jab khuli tab mai chhota tha aur daroga ji se poonchha ki yaha to chori hoti nahi fir ye police chowky ki kya jaroorat. daroga ji ne jawab diya jo bada hone per samajh aaya-isiliye to .............there was a knock on the door of a resident in my colony in the middle of the stormy night. ""who is there""- asked the old man. ""This is police and I am here to help"" the old man fainted.
172.                     Chandra Mohan, Medical professor- chor
173.                     Gaurav Sinha, law student in RML National Law University-  Service before self with few aberration
174.                     Anwar Khan, works at UP Government- जब मै पुलिस को देखता हू तो एक मजबूर, और नेताओ के आदेश पर काम करने वाली साधन हीन खढ़ा इन्सान नजर आता ह
175.                     Mani Prasad, works in IOC- i may hurt someones feelings so i am messaging you my opinion about cops.ANY INDIVIDUAL will be the most powerful if he is backed by cops .i have come across cops who are sincere and honest. and polite . those were always life saving people. and few who were rude . were a dissapointment to the uniform. cops who are polite to the public are their heros and are remembered for ages
176.                     Gaurav Chaudhary, student- the word police...remind us about hw they use abusive language with manners the police have...!!!.!
177.                     Mustafa Hussain, Advocate, Allahabad High Court, Lucknow- Gandi gandi ,ma ,behen ke galiyan.
178.                     Alok Sharma- LLN Training solutions- Working under pressure from all walks of life, have a zeal to help common man but power influence stops them to do justice. Policeman are human beings, we all should understand their working constraints, limited means.....and many more. We should analyse and then comment on integrity and dignity.
179.                     Prakash Prabhakar, CEO in a private firm- Saala tang karega ! Bacho nahi toh koi dost dhoondho isko Milne se pahle jo dost kam se kam IPS ho !!
180.                     रजनीश कुमार, government teacher- सरासर खुलेआम गुण्डई करनेवाले की छवि बनती है, जो कानून की आड़ में गुण्डई करता है.
181.                     Rishi Yadav, Agra University- Sir iska imandar ya sahi loge sahi uttar day sakta hai.galat log ya galat karnai wala kaisai dai. driving licence hai to chalan ho ga nahi,nahi hai to karana padaga ya police wala ko kuch la da kai sat karna padaga ismai police galat hai par dana wala bhi.
182.                     Sujata Joshi Sharma- bas bhagwan bachaye police wala naa dikhe
183.                     Vikram Nagwanshi, engineer- Rakshak ke naam pe bhakshak
184.                     Gopal Mishra from TCS-  अमिताभजी, पुलिस का नाम सुनकर एक अनजान सा भय लगता है ! उसे शब्दों में व्यक्त करना मुस्किल है ! एक एजेंसी जो नागरिक सुरक्षा के लिए बनाई गयी है, वो जान शोषड़ के काम में व्यस्त है ! कुछ लोग बहुत अच्छे है, शायद उतना काफी नहीं है! Suggestion - The first thing we need to do is to segregate office work and field work at the level of district . The person who wants to file FIR let say should go to one District office and from there after min. verification of claim FIR should be launched . That district office (set up for office work only !) should forward FIR to respective PS and be accountable to track the progress and provide regular update. There should be reduced interaction (to minimize exploitation) that way the efficiency of police station and officers be measured ..and there MUST be time limit for every category of FIR for investigation and if not met automatic escalation to higher level ..and so on ...we MUST bring accountability in the system via centralised monitoring and one data registry to generate any progress report. Right now it's mess !
185.                     Ajit Kumar, lawyer in Delhi High Court- we are sleeping safe because there is fear of police who breaks law. even we can not drive safe if traffic police is not ready to challane me. we can only salute to police on his dedication of work. i am not affraid of police because i always try to obey the law. police has challaned me twice on breaking of law even i am advocate. we want to corrupt the police for own convenience
186.                     Krishna Awasthi, Kanpur- पुलिस से सामान्य आदमी डरता है पूछताछ कैसी भी हो सामान्य आदमी को थाने जाना ही होगा जहाँ उसे अपराधियों की तरह देखा और व्यवहार किया जाता है
187.                     Rakesh Ranjan from Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative-  Police....... Yani ek badtamiz, garibo ko satanewala aur paise aur power walo ka pratinidhi... bina rishwat ke kuch bhi nahi karne wala aur rishwat lene ke baad bhi kam karega yan nahi.. pakka nahi........ Yahi chhavi hai samaj ke deprive section me police ke prati
188.                     Rajeev Sharma, book seller- agar personally koi bada adhikari janta hai to koi darne ki baat nhi hai nhi to koi chote mota kaam ya galti par (chahe puri tarah apki ho ya na ho) aap bina kuch diye nhi chut sakte hai police se
189.                     Jyoti Prakash Dwivedi, self employed- har log ek jaisey nahi hotey .......
190.                     Jowhar Raza from Lucknow- Zyadatar badtameezon se pala pada hai, gadi rokkni ho to bhi gaali or danda use kartey hain...kisi ki umr, majburior izzat ki parwah nhi kartey khas tor se jo chote padon par hain.
191.                     Krishnanand Sinha, retired government servant- पहले तो सहानुभूतिपूर्वक सुने जाने की उम्मीद होती है और फिर उपेक्षित हो जाने की खीझ !
192.                     Biswajit Bhattacharya, works in Noida- Polite, Obidient, Lawful, Intelligent, Coregeous, Energetic...Shayad yahi POLICE ka abbriviation hota hai Amitabh ji, lekin aap khud jaante hain ki BHRASHT officers aur BHRASHT netaon ne kya haal kar diya hai...
193.                     Saket Srivastava from IIT Roorkee- देश भक्ति जन सेवा
194.                     Kaushlendra Tiwari, works in MP government- सिर्फ और सिर्फ हमेशा काली कमाई के लिए सोचने वाले लोग. शायद 1 प्रतिशत पुलिस वालों के मन में भी अपराध रोकने के लिए जज्बा नहीं होता है.अपराधी तो ठीक हर शरीफ आदमी यही सोचता है कि पुलिस वालों से पाला न पड़े.
195.                     Narendra Srivastava, Lucknow- mulakaat n ho to accha hai
196.                     गरिमा श्रीवास्तव, self employed- 20 rupaye wale bikhari
197.                     Atul Kumar Srivastava, Director at Lal computers- चोर
198.                     Anil Kaushik- na poochho to hi thik hai sir!
199.                     Ravi Kant Pathak, atmospheric scientist- In US, Europe, HK - 'police' means safety and help to me ! In India, at one hand - gunda, corrupt, extortion, pathetic, barbarians, terrorist, uneducated and beasts ! on the other hand - as unsung hero, under paid, degraded socially and physically incapable of their profession. India drastically needs police reform. amitabh bhai kuchh karen !
200.                     Somesh Shukla, journalist- Pl dont generalize the issue
201.                     Dr Tapan Shah- medico in USA-  An official/ ground sepoy; as unsung hero, under paid, degraded socially and physically incapable of their profession
202.                     Sachin Kumar, Zonal manager in Videocon- darr
203.                     Sudhi Raj Verma, IITian and self employed- chor
204.                     Rakesh Singh- CEO at Pistos Interior- Darr aur pareshani dono.
205.                     Surinder Thulta, IIM Lucknow passout- Dar!!
206.                     Raja S Singh- Nirmal Bharat Abhiyan- sawdhan
207.                     Loyal H. Lall works at naukaridotcom- vazood ke bavazood bevazood, POLICE HELPS PEOPLE SOMETIMES
208.                     Ashok Kumar, government organization- Inse bach ke raho.
209.                     J.n. Sharma- advocate in Lucknow- To serve the humanity
210.                     Parbodh Chander Bali, government servant- I like Mahesh Goyal comment the best, Amitabh is also a policeman. I have found in police some very god fearing and dedicated people, they are also police force members. How I can give a generalized comment अगर पुलिस कठोर ना हो तो कोई भी अपराध नहीं रुक सकता यह कठोरता उन के कार्य शाली का एह एहम पक्ष है, आज भी अपराधी को पकढ़ते पुलिस वाला ही शहीद होता है, मुझे पुलिस मन एक मजबूर गरीब और पिसता हुआ आदमी नज़र आता है जिस की कोई छुट्टी नहीं, कोई घर नही और कोई मालिक नही,, हर पुलिस वाला मानसिक रूप से थका और दुनिया के सब से मुश्किल काम में धसा हुआ दीखता है जिसे कोई इंसान नहीं, बल्कि मशीन समझता, IPS अफसर AC में और वह धुप में सलूट मारता और कभी उस के घर में उस की बीवी बच्चों का हुकम बजाता, किसी भी वक़्त ट्रान्सफर या सस्पेंशन के खोफ में जीता हुआ पुतला नज़र आता है, भी पुलिस वाले की पत्नी से पूछना की पुलिसवाला किआ होता है, जब आप "पुलिस" शब्द सुनते हैं तो आपके दिमाग में पहली बात क्या आती है?" यही के दुनिया का सब से बुरा आदमी हे पर वो ऐसा होता नही, उसे उस के सीनियर्स ने उसे बुराई का पुतला बना के रखा होता है. Amitabh Thakur Ji. शाएद आपने भी, मैने पहले भी लिखा था, अपनी नई FB id बनाइये और अपना पुलिस DIG का पद मत बताना फिर देखना आप को कोन जवाब देता है वेह सही जवाब होंगे. अभी तो लोग एक DIG को impress करते हैं, अगर सही व्वयस्था चाहिए तो पुलिस का सम्मान करना शुरू करो. धन्यवाद
211.                     Narendra Ahuja, proprietor in software work- गाली........
212.                     Braj Bhushan Dubey from AAP- निरीह, लाचार, दबा, कुचला, शोषित एवं जिसका कोई मौलिक अधिकार सुरक्षित न हो।
213.                     Girish Chandra Pandey, Assistant Professor in Bhagalpur- DAR.
214.                     Ajay Kumar, MD at Prelude group of Companies- kya pharak parta hai sir je, desh chal to aisee hi raha hai, jo shabad badnam thee wo badnam rahee to kya gum unka kya kareen jo aab badnam ho gayee, maslan, guru, neta, doctor, patarkar etc.
215.                     Sarvesh Asthana, Hindi poet- KHAAKI VARDI and DANDA with CRUEL gestures
216.                     SandeepMonica Trivedi, US based professional- Danda....
218.                     Sanjay Sharma, editor of weekly magazine- Dar
219.                     Ysp Surendra, Assistant Professor- Ab kya btayen amitabh bhai, char din pahle ka wakaya hai..main rawat pur se university ja rha tha gumti no. 9 pr meri gadi pr 2 police wale aise jhapte jaise main koi apradh krke bhag rha houn aur meri gadi ka no. Pure shahar me set ke jariye hr police wale ko bta diya gya ho.. maine gadi side me lgaya..paper mange gaye dikhaya...batata chalun ki gadi main swayam drive kr rha tha..bagal ki seet pr patni thi 4 sal ke bete ke sath..pichhe dono betiyan baithi thi...ab kis angle se meri gadi sandigdh lgi aap to officer hain..sheesha etna pardarshi ki kilometer ki duri se es par us par dekha ja sake....mujhse rha nhi gya ant men maine I Card dikhate he puchh liya ki etni sari gadiyo me meri hi gadi ko kyon roka gya...jwab sunenge aap..kyonki meri gadi ka no. Bnaras ka tha...ab aap khud samajhiye aam aadmi kya sochta hoga police ko dekhkr
220.                     Sanjay K Pathak, Executive Engineer in Uttarakhand- Ruthless
221.                     Deepak Tyagi, advocate- Wardi wala gunda.
222.                     सतीश सक्सेना, Delhi based writer- दूर रहो इनसे !!
223.                     Pradeep Rawat- Agra based journalist- उत्तर प्रदेश में पुलिस का हाल उसी तरह है जैसे " बिना गोली के बन्दूक ".... ! इस में भी कोई दो राय नहीं कि उत्तर प्रदेश में पुलिस की छवि उस के निक्कमे और कुकर्मी कमियों के चलते है ! सभी लोग बुरे नहीं है ! अगर आला अफसर कठोरता दिखाए तो उत्तर प्रदेश की पुलिस के दिन भी फिर सकते हैं !
224.                     Mudit Chandra from Indian railways- depends upon police of which country....and if in India then which state...
225.                     Ritesh Srivastava- works in UP government as technician- Wardi wala gunda. police k naam se dar lagta.
226.                     Ram Dutt Tripathi, worked for BBC Hindi- That some body to help is there
227.                     Vinesh Sanwal associated with Congress in Mathura- inse bach ke rahna re baba , Par bhi police mai kafi acche log bhi hai..par kuch police waalo ki vajah se puri police force ko aam janta good najriye se nahi dekhti
228.                     Rajiv Gupta, eye surgeon- Daar
229.                     Manish Kumar, social activist- Rooh kaamp jati hai...
230.                     Amit Kumar, student- Netao ke hath ki kathputali aur aam janta ka khoon chusne wali
231.                     Amitabh Ranjan Singh from JNU- Bilkul Insaan aur Dharti ke Bhagwan wala rishta hai Sir. Jab hume jarurat hoti hai to turant yaad aa jati hai Bhagwan ki.... aur jab hum kuch galat kar rahe hote hain ki kisi tarah Bhagwan ki nazar humpe na pade. And beleive me, hum sab, including me of course, hamesha kabhi na kabhi, kahin na kahin, jaane ya anjaane mein galti karte hi hai har din
232.                     Sudarshan Singh from Allahabad-  Ak apradhi ki chhavi jiseke ak hath me kanoon ke darupyog ka danda aur dusre hath me hinsak danda aur munh kholte hi bhaddi gali dene wala khaki libas me ak. Admi
233.                     Ashwani Kumar Singh from Gorakhpur- tripathi ji ke baat se mai sahamat hu .yeha mera dekhane ke hisab se .kayun ki enhe bolene ki tamij nahi hoti . her chauraho per vasuli karte hua aam aadmi dekhata hai jai se lagata hai enhe gov. sailary nahi deta jo 10 rs me bik jate hai aur no parking me truk, bus sabko sahar me gusane dete hhai. GORAKHPUR me to aur bura haal hai jaha jaha pulice chauki hai vaha vaha sabase jada bhid hoti hai aur pulice muk darsak banker dekhate rahate hai
234.                     Bimal Thakur works in LIC- vardi wala gunda
235.                     Manoj Pandey, Chief Manager in Indian express- कहीं किसी छोटी मोटी बात पर धाराँए लगा पैसा न ऐंठ ले।
236.                     Prabhat Tripathi- Lucknow- अन्याय और समर्थो का साथ देने वाला तथा न्याय और कमजोरों के खिलाफ खड़ा बद्तमीज, बेईमान, गैर भरोसेमंद frustrated व्यक्ति (90 प्रतिशत लोगों के लिए लागू)
237.                     Sanjay Singh, social and political worker with BJP- License lootera aa gaya
238.                     Rahul Gola- Director at raj builders- Sirf Ek baat kahonga... Ki agar police naa ho toh Koi Bhi aam aadmi kise Bhi aam aadmi Ki madad nhe karega.... Like kise ke ghar aadhi raat mein snake aa gaya to police... Kise Ki delivery hone jaa rahe to police..kise ka accident ho gaya to police... Kuch Bhi Kaam ho aam aadmi or chaehn afsar inka he Sahara lete hai... Bechari police aakhir kya Karen... Kyun Ki mere bhoute se office jaanne wale hai .... Per koluh Ki bail ke tarah lage rehte hai din ho ya raat ho sardi ho ya garmi... Kuud ka function nhe attend Kar pate per Apne mantariyo or asfaro mein lage rahte hai... Kyunki unko majboor itna keya jata hai Ki jiski Koi Seema nhe.. Newayz pehle bade Apne aapko badlen chote toh Apne Apne sudhar
239.                     Rudra Pratap Pandey, veterinary doctor- कई दशकों की सरकारी उपेक्षा से शायद मजबूरी और चारित्रिक निर्बलता से भ्रष्ट हुआ एक तंत्र का एक अंग...... any comment is not for respectibly salaried officers....for them .its sort of hobby....most of them....right men...trained intellectual wrong positions , महोदय राजसत्ता के महत्वपूर्ण भाग को सार्वजानिक मंच पर गलियां दिलवाने से क्या औचित्य पूर्ण हो रहा है
240.                     Nitin Naresh, founder at CentPlex- Chor, Kamine, Kutte, Vardi wale Gunde-These all are the synonyms of Police in our country
241.                     Vinod Kumar Bhasker, manager- भ्रस्तचारी , बिना रिस्वत के कोई काम ना करने वाला , और जबरन गरीबो पर दबंगई दिखाने वाला
242.                     Ashish Jain- बेचारा
243.                     Shirish Kumar, Chief Sub Editor at Thompson- Watching at their deeds at police stations, or even at the public places, one can easily watch what he had studied about the days India used to be before getting freedom, Pathetic system. A curse for a civilised society. Liers. Bas case open karna hai chahe kitne hi nirdosh usme fasa diye jaaye. Lekin kuch officers hain jo behad imandaar aur sharif hain. Lekin kuch se kya hota hai? Sorry to use bad words but ghar ke bade bujurg tak yahi kehte bhagwan inko narak me bhi jagah na de.
244.                     Awadhesh Gupta, member rail land development authority- fear
245.                     Sunil Pathak, doctor- legally organized gang of psychopathic criminals....
246.                     Sachin Agarwal, assistant Professor, Purvanchal university- Money extortion gang. Fear mongering gang.
247.                     Ashok Kumar Singh from Allahabad- bhay, bhrashtachar,sajis.
248.                     Sandeep Kumar Singh Babuji from Faizabad- har vyakti ek jaise vichar ka nahi hota phir bhi aksar apsabd se hi baat shuru aur khatam karte hai aaisa nahi ki har police wale ekk jaise hote hai ,kuch to itney sidhe hote hai jinka koi jawab hi nahi
249.                     Ajay Godaraa from Ajmer, associated with BJP- परेशानी...
250.                     Anil Singh Chunnu from Lucknow- SHO tk to kafi rough behave krte he,sr officers thoda salike se pesh aate he public se,chrector verification jese jenune kaam me v paise ki umid lgae rehte he!!, paise pe kuch v krvaya ja skta he,bshrte Sr officers aur media ki jankari me na ho!!!
251.                     Upendra Singh, Press reporter- श्री मान जी पहले दृश्य मे भय दिखता है फिर कुछ उमीद दिखती है और अन्त मे धोखा जैस वदीँ वाला गुन्डा । परन्तु मेरा विचार सभी पुलिस के लिए नही है ।
252.                     Gorakh Sharma from UP Police- police duniya jo sochti hai sochti rhe magar ek police wala hone k nate sab se bada fayda ye hota hai ki ham jo jante hai wo koi nhi janta bete beti k bare me jo maa baap nhi jante wo haqiqt ek pllice wala janta hai aur maa baap k baare me jo bachche nhi Jante wo ek poli.ce wala janta hai iesi tarah neta ho wakil ho offcr ho ptrakar ho jise bhi kah lijiye uske baare me ek police wala janta hai aur agar wah khamosh hai toh bhut si jindagiya riste ijjat salamat hai yakin na ho toh dil pe hath rakh kar khud se puchh lijiye , पुलिस वाला एक काले तवे जैसा होता है जिसके कालिख की और कठोरता की चर्चा अमूमन सभी करते है जिस आग को बर्दाश्त करते हुए वो अगर आप के मुह तक रोटी का टुकड़ा पहुचाता है इस की चर्चा कोई नही करता अपितु रोटी कच्ची है जल गयी है आदि आदि , एक आम और नकारात्मक सोच से परे कोई सकारात्मक और यथार्थपरक पहलू को सामने लाना किसी के लिए संजीवनी का कार्य कर सकती है मीन मेख झाड़ू वाल बहुत निकालते हैे पर दबाव पड़ने पर मात्र 49 दिन में कायरो की भाति रन छोर कर भाग जाते है, बाकी दुनिया तो धर्मराज युधिस्ठिर की धर्मज संताने है?????????
253.                     अखिलेश कुमार झा from BJP, lives in Delhi- एक अमानवीय व्यबस्था जिसमें गरीब और निरीह की कोई पूछ नहीं ! एक बेईमान चेहरा जो अपने कर्तव्य के अलावे सब कुछ करता है ।
254.                     Rahul Shrivastava, film maker- Aap khud samjhte hai sir
255.                     Anshul Gupta, MD at ESI group- Insensitive, inhumane at intolerable level. And that is true with cops of any country that I have faced except Japan. In my opinion, policemen are mostly a little too harsher image of general public..
256.                     Manoj Chaurasiya, UP Police- Ye sir jitane log camment kar rahe hai kawal door se dekhen hai  kabhi policewalo ke dil me bhi jhank kar dekhen kitane narm dil ke hai Achche bure kanha nahi hai.
257.                     Gaurav Bajpai from Lucknow-गालियों और रिश्वत का अप्रत्याशित संयोग। (नोट -अनुभव केवल यूपी पुलिस के आधार पर)
258.                     Ravi Khanna- child specialist- Khauf
259.                     Anuj Sharma, assistant engineer at Faridabad-ghatiya logo ka samuh
260.                     Ashwani Paliwal- owner of Ice and cold storage- Jyadatar to inse bura koi nahin , kabhi kabhi inse achha koi nahin
261.                     Praveen Asthana- Shalimar Paints-Inke chakkar main pad gaye yo jindagi ko disturb zaroor kar denge
262.                     Tanay Srivastava, self employed- Hahaha. Police waalo kee samaj mei kitnee khrab image hai, Arrey kyu kapdey faad rahey ho policewaalo key ... Koi tareef bhee tho karo ?
263.                     Keshav Bhan Sadh from INC- vardi wala gunda
264.                     Abhishek Singh, lawyer- corrupt and irresponsible person
265.                     Archana Tripathi, Vice President in Eldeco Housing- " ye case is thaney ka nah hai ....... ab saala ek thaney say doosrey thaney ghoomtey raho zindagi bhar .......
266.                     Arun Mani Tripathi, assistant Director in Technical institute-corrupt and irresponsible person ---> "POLICE"
267.                     Chintoo Khan, self employed- insult
268.                     Prashant Shukla, journalist at Z news- उगाही करने वाले आ गए....
269.                     Aman Kumar Tyagi, writer- यह बात बताने में भी डर लगता है, पुलिस आखिर पुलिस ही होती है.
270.                     Vinay Maurya, TV reporter-  पुलिस की छवि मेरे या किसी के भी नजर में अच्छी नहीं है .....पुलिस का नाम आते ही क्रूर, रिश्वत खोर ,गाली देने वाला,किसी का भी मान प्रतिस्ठा धुल धूसरित करने वाला,किसी भी निर्दोष व्यक्ति को अपराधी घोषित कर देने वाला,अकारण किसी को पिट देने वाला,सम्पति सम्बन्धी मामलों मे पैसे लेकरअधिकार क्षेत्र से बाहर जाकर एक पक्षिय कार्यवाही करने वाला, अब क्या क्या बताऊ...सरकारी कर्मचारियों में सबसे बदनाम महकमा....मगर आप और आप ही की तरह सरल सहज सहृदयी कुछ पुलिस कर्मी और अधिकारीयों को देखकर मेरा नजरिया परिवर्तित हो रहा है की कुछ अच्छे लोग भी पुलिस महकमे में हैं.....और आपकी तारीफ क्या करूँ आप तो औरों से अलग हैं ही ....
271.                     Awanish Kumar Rai, IDBI Finance-Aam Adami ki lia Wordi wala.....aur Takatwar ke lia.............Aap se khul kar bolna sahi nahi ho Sir....
272.                     Deepak Tewari, self employed- badi bhaddi bhaddi gaaliyaan nikalti hain
273.                     Shailesh Pratap Singh, real estate- Ek Aisa sarkaari department jisme kaam karne wale adhikari ka behavior ek aam admi ke liye YAMRAJ aur ek source ful admi ke liye damad ki tarah Hota hai,  Par kuchh log waise bhi hai jinka swabhav sabke liye saman Hota hai magar unki sankhya na ke barabar hai
274.                     Dinesh Shrinet from Amar Ujala-In my mind vinod khanna of satyamev jayate
275.                     Upendra Dubey- Amitabh Thakur
276.                     Shailendra Pradhan- self employed- दरोगा- द चाहे रो के चाहे गा के। पुलिस-पूरा लील सकने वाला Barring exceptions like you ,ajay Mishraji nd few more.
277.                     Anil Singh, self em ployed-bagair pahchan ke koi kam nahi hota aur ek mobile girne take ki suchna dene ke 50 Rs lagte hai
278.                     Founder of Nirvan Hospital in Lucknow- Dar
279.                     Narendra Mishra, journalist- Pahle Jaisa nhin h, Pahle police Me jajba thi ...... Jo Aap me h, Lekin Ab to satyataa ko na Dekh , nirdosh ko Vivechak jail bhej dete h, jisase vishwas uth gya .. police Se kahin bhay vyapt nhin Aap samajh gye honge .sorry plz.
280.                     Pandey Shiv Shanker, social activist-khaki wardi, hath me danda, sir pe khaki topi, 24 ghante duty. kuch police wale bahut ache hote h dil se. Mere pas bahut se ache experience h. Jai Hind
281.                     Ramesh Paandey, Mumbai based advocate-  SADRAKSHNAYA KHALNIGRAHNAYA , SATYAMEO JAYETE.........
282.                     Ajay Poshak, engineer- Sarkaari Gunde
283.                     Vinay Mishra, advocate-  I always feel protective & confident when I heard this word , may be bcoz I had spent my childhood in mumbai , मेरा अनुभव सदा ही अच्छा रहा हैं और यह पुलिस ही हैं और थी के जब सब साथ छुद देते हैं तब यह साथ देती हैं हां वक़्त की बुराई इस में भी हैं पर जब यह किसी का ईमानदारी से साथ देते हैं और अपने कर्तव्यों का पालन करते हैं तोह बड़े से बड़ा अपराधी भी आप जैसे साधारण आदमी के सामने छूता हूँ जाता हैं और कानून के घेरे में पकड़ा जाता हैं ,.. इस लिए पुलिस जैसी भी हैं बहुत अछि हैं ,... कुछ लूगो की गलती की सज़ा सरे महकमे की दे सकते ,...
284.                     Yogendra Kumar Dutt Jugal, construction company- डर लगता है
285.                     Digvijay Rai, works in Assarin group- Rishwat Thakur sahab hume yad hai. jub app deoria ke sp de apki ki imandari koi suck nahi app achhe sp the lekin apke under kam karne wale Riswatkhoro ki sankhya bhi bhahut thi jub mera sbi bank ke passbook kho jane per salempur thane me muche 20 rupya ka khus dena para. jiwan ka phla khus tha . achha hai ab duniya ke sabse imandar polish thane me ab rahta ho. oman .
286.                     Rakesh Narayan Dwivedi, Assistant Professor, Bundelkhand University-  मेरे ऊपर जिनका बहुत बड़ा उपकार है वह पुलिस अधिकारी हैं इसलिये मैं तो पुलिस को अपना मानता हूं
287.                     DrSachidanand Jha, GM Legal, Biral Corp- जिससे बच कर ही रहो तो अच्छा
288.                     Kaushalendra Kumar Rai, UP government- शरीफों के लिए ही पुलिस बनी है नेता तो फोन पर ही कहते हैं दरोगा हो दरोगी बना दूंगा। क्या आप ने सुना है। पुलिस शरीफों के लिए शेर तो नेताओं व धन पशुओं के सामने हिजड़ा
289.                     Anupam Rai · student-Dishonest, Bribe, uncivilized
290.                     Rakesh Relan, engineer- fear
291.                     Neeles Sharma from Kurukshetra-  police ka kaatna aur chaatna dono bura hai
292.                     Pranjal Tripathi, works in Reckitt Bencister- Rishwaat !
293.                     Piyush Kumar from NIT Hamirpur- most corrupt department
294.                     Randheer Singh, self employed in Kanpur- hmmm, Sir generally people think that they are not friendly, manner less, value less, can hardly differentiate between sensible and not sensible persons, arrogant, impatient. proudy and many more dis qualities or qualities. But I personally think it differ from person to person.
295.                     Pratik Jain, HCL Technologies- greedy monkey, ye bhi harami hoga, sabse bada chor yehi hai- for police who like constable and SI not for people like you, Bhagwan is chor se bachaye, Harami aur baddua nikalti hai maan se , aur jab koi police wala mara jata hai toa bahut sukun milta hai dil khete hai jaisi karni waisi bharni,
296.                     Anand Rai from BHU-  चोर, बेईमान, ताकत का कमजोरों पर दुरूपयोग करने वाले, सत्ता के हाथों नाचने वाले और अपराध को बढ़ावा देने वाले. पर मेरी सूझ बूझ बहुत कम है अतः मैं पूर्ण रूपेण गलत भी हो सकता हूँ.
297.                     Anjana Jha, ex journalist- Khaki Vardi.
298.                     Anil Sharma, consultant from Agra- Daar
299.                     Sunil Boobna, film maker- extortion...!!!  whatever response u hv got so far, one thing is very clear that indian police image is not cool....!!!!
300.                     Chanderkant Kataria alumni of IIM Lucknow-Insecurity
301.                     Praveen Singh, Director General in UP- Dishonest
302.                     Abhishek Aadha from Sirohi- डंडा
303.                     Prashant Garg, business manager at CIPLA- Khaki vardi
304.                     Shadab Hussain- Data assistant- Policeeeeeeeeeeeeee........ Arey baap re
305.                     Shashi Bhushan Jha, store manager- bhaiya jo police ke astitva ko mera avchetan man kalpana me nakarta rahta hai. sochta hoon police ka vajood na ho to hi achchha. par.. , duniya me har seedha sada shareef vyakti police se bachna chahta hai. aatank ka paryay. bhoot ke baad sabse daravna jeev ****** , khaki vardi me alian
306.                     Shivam Sharma, self employed- श्रीमान Amitabh Thakur जी ,हमारे लिए तो आजकल आप ही ईमानदार हैं....हम तो अव्वल दर्जे के भ्रष्ट ठहरे...वैसे भी प्रमाणपत्र और प्रशस्ति पत्र तो आपको ही मिले हैं अपनी ईमानदारी के फलस्वरूप....लिहाजा आप ही कुछ कहें....:-D:-D;-)
307.                     Abneesh Dubey, engineering student- Jo Imandaar hote hai unke liye Pyar Or jo corrupt hote hai unke liye apne mm mai Gali..
308.                     Rajesh Shukla, clerk in UP PWD- dog mad
309.                     NP Sharma, social activist from Delhi- Sarkari Aatankwadi
310.                     Rakesh Kumar Singh, works for gender equality-  आधिकारिक दादागिरी और बदतमीजी
311.                     Indravadan Rathod, ex employee of Sahara India- Darr julam ghoosh
312.                     Amit Arora, self employed- बदमाश या सरकारी गुंडे
313.                     Kamaljit Bhatti, Punjab Human Rights Press Club- Dekho Mat Bus Nikal Lo..
314.                     Rajeev Ranjan Jha, consultant at Zee business- जिससे बच कर ही रहो तो अच्छा...
315.                     Madhu Rayala, founder of ComputeInfi- Absolute power corrupts one absolutely...constant self-chastising n honing n training u by great masters made u a better among police.Lest, u would have behaved same way sir! So, training of mind n body to get the best duty of every soul is the need of the hour!
316.                     Anjalee Sharma, sales manager at Intas Pharma- Baap re Baap, Kuch lafda ho gaya , dekho mat bus nikal lo...that's the impression I have for our Police force ....All over whether DELHI or UP
317.                     Amitabha Bandyopadhyay, Assistant Professor at IIT kanpur- A guy with fat belly, foul mouth, lecherous look who will do anything to dupe you of your hard earned money.
318.                     Tulu Patnaik, consultant at Adler and Roth- Corrupt
319.                     Venkateswaran Srinivasan- Thakur Baldev Singh & Ramlal -- sometimes Radha joins , While in US, I have contacted Police whenever I felt a need for it; they too reciprocated promptly -- in phone as well as in person -- they also follow it up. In Chennai, I personally knew the Police surgeon who solved intriguing cases like Rajiv Gandhi's assassination and Navarasu Murder: He had done more than 15,000 postmortem (4 to 5 a day) sincerely. Having said that, some police, like the inspectors who allocate driving licenses, were found to be accepting bribes routinely. In Mumbai, I have not had much interactions with Police. In UP, I have had only negative experiences -- of pride, prejudice, bribery, and corruption. Once a son of a Policeman stayed in my house and told me how impossible it was to be clean as a Police personnel in Bihar. Summarizing, people trust Law, and Law enforcement in US. In India, although doable, it is still a far cry. One should also take in to account the available resources and population in to consideration while making the comparison.
320.                     Deependrara Chauahan, Assistant Engineer at BHEL- Unknown fear phobia
321.                     Pankaj Tiwari from Varanasi- एक निहायत ही बदजुबान शक्स
322.                     Himanshu Rai  from Orissa Livelihood Mission-The police. 'You watch my back, I'll watch yours',,
323.                     Kamini Sharma, Micro Labs limited- Corrupt , arrogant , rude and troublemaker
324.                     Adhikaar Ngo, advocate in Supreme Court- Dacoit
325.                     Syed Mohd Abbas Ali, journalist from Lucknow-  'Police'......only it sounds gud..! But not for every single man...'Police'..means polite,trouble solver,loyalty honesty,greatness,happiness...but only few officers is left with this 'Police' has to improve his image n serve the nation honestly..!
326.                     Lakshmi Kaul, IIM Banglore- Trouble!
327.                     Praphull Srivastav- Saffron Exhibition Service- Uncomfortable .. kind of fear ..
328.                     Danish Khan, social activist- bribe
329.                     Bhairavi Kumar from Miranda house- Corruption....
330.                     Arvind Pandey, Assistant Professor- criminals in uniform ....
331.                     Ashish Bansal, self employed- Rishwat... corruption.... time waste.....
332.                     Rakesh Verma, Manager at Ligend Remadies- Symbol of brutality that is why I would urge you to come forward lead us together we shall change the destiny of our country jai hind jai bharat my cell no. Is 08271733166
333.                     Sharat Kumar Singh, CEO at 7 World School- Fear
334.                     Abhishek Singh- doctor- disgusting person, paisa mangega, bina matlab pareshan karega
335.                     Anavil Jaiswal. Personality development trainer- Respect!!
336.                     Pardeep Rapria Balu, advocate at Supreme Court- Manipulators.
337.                     Abhinaw Paliwal, works at Adobe- honestly---Terror, corruption and misuse of power..
338.                     Satya Siladitya Kar- Bribe/fine
339.                     Karunesh Kumar Mishra-corrruption,
340.                     Jaideep Singh Dhaka, Punjab University, Chandigarh- fear and misuse of power....
341.                     Gurcharan Singh Bedi, works at Cda funds, Meerut- helping hand
342.                     Syed Saifi- abusing language dis respect and lots of attitude.
343.                     Madhusudan Gulati, retired engineer- SECURITY. PEACE
344.                     Mayank Tiwari- P-people O-officially L-licensed I-in india for C- corruption & E- extortion
345.                     Debasish Chatterjee- lives in Delhi- Shanti , Sewa , Aur , Nyaya..............
346.                     Eshan Arora- assistant Producer at NewsX- Corrupt
347.                     Mukund Kumar- Egoists ................ along with all other negative attributes.
348.                     Sanjaya Kala, visiting professor- Fear, suspicion
349.                     Aditya Ghildyal, works at New Holland Tractors-Fear
350.                     Charu Thakur, works in DOT, Govt of India-  Avoid!!!
351.                     Atul Singh, trader- Incompetence
352.                     Omprakash Choudhary, lives in USA- Terror and swindling money
353.                     Bhanu Pratap Singh, self employed- breath deeply
354.                     Daya Shankar Dubey, businessman- some thing happen n may controlled
355.                     Arun Singh, self employed- World most corrupt government employee
356.                     Kb Singh, Conservator of forest-  ये तो कुछ करने से रहे अपनी रक्षा खुद करो
357.                     Dharmendra K. Parashar, sub editor at Swadesh, Gwalior- पुलिस शब्द सुनते ही भय पैदा करने , दूसरे के अपमान को अपना अधिकार समझने वाली एक खाकी वर्दी दिखाई देने लगती है हालांकि यह कमेंट वर्दी के प्रति अपनी पूरी जिम्मेदारी समझने वाले पुलिस कर्मियों के लिये नहि है पुलिस सुनते ही अब भी आम आदमी ऐसा महसूस करता है जैसे वह  1947 से पहले के भारत में हि रहता है  मेरा अनुभव यही है , शायद मैं गलत भी हो सकता हूँ
358.                     Tushar K Behera- Indian Forest service- Sarkari Gunda
359.                     Kamal Shah- IITian living in Mumbai-Hitler
360.                     Himank Kothiyal- Ministry of Information and Broadcasting- डर
361.                     Shivath Thakur, Food Inspector, FCI- Prejudiced, Biased and Partial uniformed agents of government which are going not by law but their favouritism and vested interests.............!
362.                     Sushil Dumra from Delhi-- Desh ka sabse bda mafia
363.                     सन्तोष कुमार मिश्र, social activist- Risbat
364.                     Ajeet Kumar Pandey, Mohit Industries- ... वजह परेशान होना पडेगा |
365.                     Pankaj Rai, reporter at rashtriya Sahara- Kuchh bhi ho yehi to bachayegi
366.                     Sarfaraz Asalam Phoenix, self employed content writer- Negative !, But people like u give hope ....
367.                     Vijay Shankar- Hitech chor
368.                     Madhup Chandra Jha- lives in Ranchi- ab jo v bacha hai ,loot lega...
369.                     Sanjay Kumar Mishra, government servant- police janta ki sevak hai but police chah le to ek din me craim the end ho jae but netagan ne police ko kathputli banakar rakha hai hme milkar kuchh sudhar karne hoge tabhi poli e ki chhavi sudhar sakti hai
370.                     DrVimal Parasar, medical doctor-सज्जन को अपमान का डर पुलिस से रहता है , कुछ विशेष पुलिसकर्मी/अधिकारी को छोड़कर
371.                     Ca Pradeep Kumar Jhunjhunwala, parter at L K saraff and Co- With apology.......Bastard dog.
372.                     Parvez Alam from Gorakhpur- Dear sir mai toe yah duaa karta hu kee kabhi Police sey Dosti hi naa ho kyoki naa toe Police sey Dushmani Achi naa hi Dosti Achi yah So Tuk kee bate hai agar Sipahi , Chowki Incharge, So sey bate kartey koi Dekh ley toe us ko bee gali deta hai jo bate karta hai waise jaha tuk mera Cohchna hai Co , Ssp, IG, Dig kuch Imandar ho saktey hai, Dear sir sumaaj mey Jitani Ijat eak Crimnal kee hoti hai utni hi Ijat Police kee bee hoti hai dono hi Lutey hai, Dear Sir aap only 1 Great Police Man hai jish ko mainey Fallw keeya hai
373.                     Rakshit Saran, advocate- Somebody tying shoe laces of a minister
374.                     Ashish Prasad, HR Manager- Jiske Jeb me maal , police uski dalal ; agar aap houn fhukad , tho padenge police ke thappad !!
375.                     Vinay pandey.advocate/humanrightactivist- Ajib sa lagta hai. Uske samne yadi hum yes kahe to wah no kahti hai. No kahe to yes. Police namak weapons ka istemal netao ko karna bakhubi se aata hai. Janta ke liye inke pas gali aur.lathi hai.?
376.                     Vijay Kumar Shukla, advocate- i agree with vinay pandey. political pressure ne police ko barbaad kar diya hai,aap bhi achi terah jante hai.civil defence me sector warden 35 saal se hu.ab bhi hu.junior post warden aur aage tak chale gaye.civil defence me honrary services dete hai tab yeh hall hai.
377.                     Ashish Maharishi, Dainik Bhaskar-chor
378.                     Saleem Baig, RTI activist- khuda khair kare...izzat aur zindagi ki koi guaranty nahi.
379.                     Vishal Kumar Saxena, BJP supporter- जनता के हिमायती (सिर्फ कहने के लिए) लोगो का ऐसा संगठन जो जनता को बेवजह परेशां करता है। इस संगठन के लोग पैसे लेकर कुछ भी करने को तैयार हो जाते हैं। पक्षपाती, बे-ईमान, घूसखोर,जान-बूझ कर लोगों को फ़साने वाले, शोषण करने वाले लोगों का समूह, जिन के बारे में समाज में कहा जाता है की कांस्टेबल से लेकर डीजीपी तक पूरा महकमा भ्रष्ट है और शासन की उँगलियों पर नाचने वाला है। लेकिन सभी अधिकारियों पर ये बातें लागू नही होती। लोग इन्हें पुलिस की जगह पुलिस वाले गुंडे कहना ज्यादा पसंद करते हैं।
380.                     Ram Dayal Rajpurohit from Mumbai- मन मे खोप पेदा होता है जी
381.                     Shailendra Singh from Deoria-Sarkari gundha jo bina matlab ka rupees lega, Koi gali de to hat jao nahi to police aayegi to rupees legi, Kuch nahi to bina karan apradhi banadege yahi apradh aur apradhi badhate hai
382.                     Virendra Nath Mishra, teacher and reporter- पुलिस शब्द स्त्री लिग है।जैसे पुलिस आई पुलिस गयी आदि। सारे गुण औरतो वाले। पैसा व रसूख वालो के सामने दुम दबा लेना और कमजोर पर लाठी चलाना बेगुनाह को मुकदमे मे फसाना यही तो अब पुलिस कर रही है। साल के 365 दिनो मे पचास दिन कुछ सही काम कर देना शेष दिन वसूली मे लगना ऐसे के प्रति कैसी भावना हो सकती है। अलबत्ता ऐसे मे मर्द टाइप का कोई पुलिस वाला आ जाता है तो वह भीतर भीतर छटपटाता रहता है। सभी विद्रोही तो नही हो सकते। कुछ मजबूरिया भी तो होती है।
383.                     Sandeep Saxena from Lucknow-DABANGO NE KUCH KIYA HAI JISE DEKHNE KUCH DABUNG AA RAHE HAI...
384.                     Ashutosh Pandey, Chairman, Sri Vinayak distributors-  ना दोस्ती अच्छी और ना दुश्मनी
385.                     Deshdeepak Yadav- UP government- dar, ye ki kahi jhutha kisi ilzam me na fasa de
386.                     Jitendra Chandwani, social activist-  inhuman rights
387.                     Vijay Roshan, ex Indian Air Force officer- Seriously Amitabh kya kabhi school life me so cha that POLICE ke bare me
388.                     Siddharth Tiwari from Pune-  इस शब्द को परिभाषित नहीं किया जा सकता
389.                     Prashant Kumar, Technical Lead-pathetic
390.                     Jitendra Jha- 24 hrs wrk karne wala emplyoee..............jisko samaaj bht kam ijjat deta hai.........
391.                     Pradeep Dixit, proprietor- वसूली गाली
392.                     Sarthak Sharma, Meerut- Terror
393.                     शिवम् शुक्ला- Bharat Swabhiman trust- ऐसा व्यक्ति जो 24 घंटा 7 दिन ड्यूटी करे लेकिन उसको हमेसा गाली मिलती है ताली की जगह
394.                     Suresh Ranva, Government teacher- वही भरष्ट छवि जो सनातन है
395.                     Mukul Upmanyu- Corrupted
396.                     Vivek Umraon @ Nomad's Hermitage- social activist  क्रूरता, झूठ, फरेब, हर तरह का भ्रष्टाचार, अहंकार आदि आदि, वितृष्णा
397.                     अतुल दुबे, Bhartiya Gramin Vikas Manch- लूटेरा जो गरीबो और सीधे साधे लोगो को लूटता है
398.                     Nirbhay Rai, teacher from Varanasi-- जुबान का गँदा,अपनी बात सिद्ध करवाने के लिए कुतर्क,गाली आदि का सहारा लेने वाला।
399.                     Deepak Saha from St Stephens College- Criminals in uniform!!!!
400.                     Naveen Prakash Upadhyay, owner at Diamand Glass Industries- fear- bhay
401.                     Parvinder Singh Kittna, Nawanshahr-FEAR OF INSULT,FALSE CASE
402.                     Rahul Dwivedi from Lucknow- Rs. 100 या 500, कटुसत्य है...क्षमा करें।
403.                     Akhilesh Tiwari, Government engineering job- गरीबो के लिए गुंडा , मिडिल क्लास के लिए 500-1000 वाला और अमीरों का टट्टू , जिनको बुरा लगे वो माफ़ करे कृपया
404.                     Kamlesh Bhargava from Lucknow- सही के साथ गलत और गलत के साथ सही से पेस आने वाला अति अहंकारी और फ्रस्टेट व्यक्ति।
405.                     Ram Prakash Sharma, AAP supporter- तेज गुस्सा आता है की कुछ न कुछ जोर जबरदस्ती से कहलवाने वाले हैं। अपने अलावा किसी की सुनेंगे नहीं
406.                     Rajendra Ece, associated with IAC- ek no. ka badtameej, bade bujurg, mahila, yuva, sabse gandi language me baat karna, aur agar samne wala apni baat kahna chahe to bilkul na sunana, agar samne wala fir bhi kuch kahna chahe to marpeet par utar aaye !!
407.                     Pankaj Dixit of JNI news-  एक लुटेरा, जो हर घटना पर पैसा ढूंढ रहा होता है| मौत, दुर्घटना या कोई शिकायत सभी में पैसा तलाशता है...कडुआ सच है ...
408.                     Musanna Faizan, Forward press- Pahla shabd ata hai ki ye abhi hamari Maan Bahno ko gali denge aur thele pae se Sabzi lootenge
409.                     Ajiay Vikram Singh- Advocate in Gonda- Yamraj ? Ab to mare.
410.                     अशाेक कुमार शर्मा- Uttaranchal Government- Ab karenge apne saath..Gandi Baat, Gandi Gandi Gandi Baat...
411.                     Satish Pandey- Tension, syapaa...
412.                     Ashish Bansal, works at B K Birla- Sir, na pucho to he achha hai
413.                     Sandeep Pathak- DGM Sales, Indag Rubbers- JAIL....because if u minus this from Police, all is gone ...then they will be as good as toothless tigers....and YES ..PROTECTION ..which any positive thinking man should have written when u read Police, doesn't pops up in early alternates...
414.                     Pankaj Chaturvedi, freelance journalist- उससे बचो , चाहे जैसे भी
415.                     Rishi Sharma, Mahakal News service-  bhaiya aapko bata denge to aap bura maan jayenge
416.                     Khandelwal Braj, journalist from Agra- aafat
417.                     Vinayak Sharma, MD of Vipra Varta monthly magazine- मरना है हमने......क्या....?
418.                     Manoj Dagar, Management services- पैसे लूटेँगा और रोब झाड़ेगा । म प्र मेँ पुलिस की बदतर छवि है । रौब दिखाता रिश्वत खौर आदमी ।
419.                     Rishi Jalan, BJP supporter- जुल्मी
420.                     Suresh Singh, doctor-  mental
421.                     Ajit Patel, Junior Clerk- SP office-in sab ne police valo ki life dekhi nahi is liyee aesa bol rahe ho...sirf 1week k liye police job karke dekho
422.                     Amala Rai, Mumbai- Fear, bribe n atrocities
423.                     Alka Singh, Delhi based writer- EK ZIMMEDAR VYAKTI JO DESH SEVA MAI SAMRPIT HAI....
424.                     Amit Bhanot, Dala street investment magazine- Amithabh ji ke photo
425.                     Manoj Kumar Sekhar, manager- dur raho.
426.                     Anil Sharma, Garisson Engineer in MES- Ense to dur hi raho.....bhago.
427.                     Karan Kant Sharma- Jindal Steel and Power- inke chakar mai mat padna .. ek no Qutiye hote hai
428.                     Sandeep Maurya, police officer in PAC- सामान्य अर्थ में पुलिस शब्द आते ही दिमाक में यही आता है कि यह किसके pressure या under में है ताकि काम बन सके,न्याय की बात नहीं कर रहा हू.
429.                     Dilip KR Singh, chartered accountant-  Catalyst for CORRUPTION, Protector of Criminals.
430.                     Shakti Kumar, owner at AV prints- झपटमार
431.                     Ashok Saxena, advocate- works for Bundelkhand Muktimorcha- ek aisa tantr jise raj tantr ne nikamma banaaa diyaa....., गंभीर सवाल यह है ? कि जिस पुलिस और कानूनों को अंग्रेजों ने हिन्दुस्तान को लूटने के लिए बनाया था, वे कानून आज भी क्यों चलते हैं?1857 में आजादी के लिए अंग्रेजों के खिलाफ बगावत हुई, इस बगावत को दबाने के लिए अंग्रेजों ने 1860 में इंडियन पुलिस एक्ट बनाया और, पुलिस को अधिकार है किसी जगह पर यदि पाँच से ज्यादा लोग इकट्ठे हों,तो बिना चेतावनी दिये उन पर लाठी चार्ज करने का पुलिस को अधिकार है ? धारा 144 भा.द.सं.वही1860 का इंडियन पुलिस एक्ट आजादी के 67 साल बाद आज भी चल रहा है ?
इसी साल में अंग्रेजों ने इंडियन सिविल एक्ट बनाया। गाँव-गाँव में अत्याचार करके कर वसूलने के लिए कलेक्टर की पोस्ट बनायी। वह1860 का सिविल एक्ट आज भी चलता है?
में इंडियन एज्युकेशन एक्ट बनाया। इसके पीछे लार्ड मैकाले की बहुत स्पष्ट योजना थी ?जिस देश को गुलाम बनाकर रखना है, तो उस देश की स्वदेशी शिक्षा पद्धति को खत्म करो और अंग्रेजी शिक्षा पद्धति लागू करो ?उसी के काले अंग्रेज आज नेता बनके देश और जनता को लूट रहे है? भारतीय संबिधान और संसद को ये अंग्रेजी पुलिस एक्ट और कानून, आम भारतीय के हित में बदलना चाहिए थे ?लेकिन उन्होंने अपने और अपने नाकारा परिवार जनों, चाटुकार चमचों की अय्यासी का राजतन्त्र चलाने की योजना बनाकर हमारे संविधान में 395 आर्टिकल में से 250 अंग्रेजी नियम1935 की हू व हू नक़ल रक्खे,फिर हम आजाद कैसे ? देश की जनता को 1947 में आजादी नहीं मिल पाई,ये बिचोलिये जो अधिकतम 5000 काले अंग्रेज लूट ले गए आजादी,?आज भी भाई भाई में फूट डाल कर काबिज है? देश के120 करोड़ से अधिक आम भारतीय को जिस संवेधानिक नेता पुलिस और कानून की जरुरत है, उसे 67 बरसों से संवेधानिक पदों पर कब्ज़ा जमाये ये सत्ताधारी/ विपक्छी/न्यायाधीश और बरिष्ठ प्रसासनिक पुलिस अफसर मिनटों में दे सकते है ? लेकिन जो चल रही,ये अंग्रेजी सासन व्यबस्था इनकी और इनके नाकारा और अपराधी परिवार जनों की सुरक्छा और अय्यासी को पूरा करने बाली है ? आम जनता जाये भाड़ में ये क्यू बदलेंगे ? जो इस षड्यंत्र को समझे और बिरोध करे उसे फर्जी केसों में फंसा के मार दो ? ये काले अंग्रेज,? गोरे अंग्रेजों से भी खतरनाक और सम्बेदन हीन है ?
इसके बाद भी कोई नेता पुलिस और कानून में सुधार के लिए बोट नहीं मांग रहा ? आजादी को अब एक ही रास्ता है बाहर निकलो मकानो से जंग लड़ो इन देसी बेईमानो से ? मजबूर 120 करोड़ आम भारतीय के हित के लिए शेयर कीजिये..
432.                     Anshuman Tripathi, President of Yuchra consultancy- agar vo rat na jage to ham so nahi sakate
433.                     Abhay Pratap Singh from Gorakhpur- maggie nodles 2 min mai sahi ko galat aur galat ko sahi karne wale garibo ko gariyane wale aur netao k aage chaplusi karne wale
434.                     Raj Kumar Suneja, owner at Washu expert- करप्शन, वर्दी वाले गुंडे. नए युवा पुलिस वाले तो अच्छा व्यव्हार करते हैं, लेकिन पुराने घिसे हुए पुलिसवाले ज्यादातर बदतमीज़ हैं.
435.                     Arvind Tiwari, RPG Life sciences- Ek aisa jeev jo kabhi bhi apne sewa kaarya ko imaandaari, lagan ya nihswaarth bhav se nahi nibhayega... Gundaagardi, gaali, ghamandi va paisa lenaa jiska sabse badaa pesha n imaan ho wohi Police kahlaata hai.
436.                     विजय पटेल- रिश्वत ओर लंपटाइ
437.                     Yashwant Singh- CEO of bhadas4media- लगता है जैसे कोई घटना हो गई है या होने वाली है... कुछ अप्रत्याशित होने की आशंका होती है पुलिस शब्द सुनकर
438.                     Vinit Yadav, works at TCS- 1. a force that is for rich and influencial ppl.  2.bribe
439.                     Fahad Ayazz works in Kuwait- Lalchi , Bikaau , most corrupted Once I go to registered a complain for my missing driving license they ask me bribe of 100 rs using this word ( SUbah ka waqt hi hasi khushi de do ), Lalchi , Bikaau , most corrupted Once I go to registered a complain for my missing driving license they ask me bribe of 100 rs using this word ( SUbah ka waqt hi hasi khushi de do )
440.                     Shivam Chaturvedi- Police means security but indian police doesnot discribe "security"
441.                     Rajneesh Srivastava, news editor at monthly magazine- ek aisa goverment emply jisake pas aapna vivek nahi hota.
442.                     Ashok Choudhary- Abinav Rajasthan Abhiyan- खौफ !
443.                     Yash Sharma- Bureau of Civil Aviation Security- Mixed Feelings, A policman saved my life, while an other one took the only 100 rupees note i had for jumping a traffic light which i could not see turning red due to a truck moving ahead.  while a few days after that incident Shipra Path Police station, Jaipur helped my Friend who was being harrassed by few boys, their conduct was so good that after 3 yrs we are still in touch with them and talk on occasions but then a policeman chased my friend who came to visit India, she was from Russia, when i tried to stop him he threatened me
444.                     Madhawendra Kumar Thakur, CEO at Green Agni Miles- Fear
445.                     Bharat Srivastava Properietor at Bharat Ratna & Co.-  Amitabh Thakur sirji kyon police ki band bajwa rahe hai but they are not that bad people as are projected by so many people through their comments however tgere scope of a lot of improvement
446.                     Naushad Ansarie – Bureau chief of Awaazehind- एक ट्रक के पीछे लिखा था कृपया दुरी बनाये रखे पुलिस की परिभाषा मेरी तरफ से यही है।
447.                     Nitin Guleria- Sr Manager, Business development- Being frank ...i think police is this country is regarded as corrupt, threatening and most of all puppet to political system. People rather avoid going to police until its completely inevitable.
448.                     Bhawani Prasad Dwivedy, Manager, tata steel-- Laal batti
449.                     Shwetank Shekhar, self employed-  Looks like all because of the political system. No one is trying or taking actions for proper reforms hope so new government comes with fresh thought process and changes the people view of our security personals
450.                     Anoop Kumar- media person- police badnaam jaroor hai lekin aisa nahi hai ki police vibhag me sabhi log bure ya currupt hai aisa nahi hai ..kuch logo ki galti ke liye hum pure systum ya sabhi police waalo ko galat nahi thra sakte......
451.                     Vinay Panday- Human Right activist-  Musibat ka doot
452.                     Pallavi das- dar, Terror
453.                     Arvind Misra, student-  Police words sunkar dar lagta hai ki kahi police juthey case mey fansa na dey
454.                     Harimohan Gupta- Tea seller- Sir jab khud galat hon to dar lagta hai lekin khud galat hon to dar ki bhawna lagti hai. Jab ki agar khud sahi ho to achha bhi lagta hai
455.                     Manish Singh Vats, GM at Premia Project- sir AISA lagta hai ki sare top police officer facebook pe hi lage rahte hai
456.                     Sudhir Singh- Suresh Gandhi ji aap ye btana bhool hi gye ki Whi pr Ssp Ajay Mishra ji bi the .. Unho ne Vanarsi rehte huye jo kam kr diye sayad hi koe kre ..Kuch kehna hai es pr
457.                     Abhishek Tripathi, works at Allahabad High Court- leave d place and say nothing coz indian place act always malafide , its epidemic sir
458.                     Anil Kumar Singh- works at ESIC- Sarkari Gunda
459.                     Sanjaya Kumar Singh from Anuvaad communications-  बहुत पुरानी बात है, दिल्ली के बहादुरशाह जफर मार्ग पर एक ऑटो वाले से झगड़े के बाद 100 नंबर पर फोन किया, काफी देर तक कोई नहीं आया, कई और लोगों ने फोन कर दिए तो दूर सड़क के दूसरी छोर पर पुलिस की वर्दी में एक थका-हारा, नाटे कद का आदमी पैदल आता दिखा जिसके हाथ में एक डायरी सी थी और वह लंगड़ कर चल रहा था। उसे देखकर ही मेरा गुस्सा शांत हो गया और मैंने ऑटो वाले से समझौता करने का निर्णय कर लिया। इस कहानी के मद्देनजर पुलिस सुनकर मुझे पहली नजर में एक निरीह, थका-हारा, साधनहीन सरकारी मुलाजिम नजर आता है, जो कुछ नहीं कर सकता है। इसके बाद से मैंने 100 नंबर पर फोन नहीं किया है।
460.                     Raghvendra Prasad Singh works in Customs and central excise- Some one who will create unnecessary problem when you go for any help so better suffer than seek help.
461.                     Avdhesh Bhardwaj- works in IBM India- Sir some taken my money..I transfer that amount in his account..Now he is disappeared..I want to register FIR..But No one is taking complain..
462.                     Dhananjay Nirmal- Former Sr. Manager at Reliance Communications- Subse badde khau aadm jaat.
463.                     Santosh Jha- लोग कहते हैं पुलिस डॉक्टर और वकील ये तीन से कभी जरुरत न हो ।
464.                     Shahi Archie, who lives in London- Organisation of people most of whom are very undeserving and not really trained to do their job. Those at the top may be different, but those at the bottm are just as bad as the criminals. They are 'cheap' enough to ask for Rs 500 for the smallest work they do, as if they don't get salary; They also support the criminals rather than the honest people; So much, that honest people are scared of going to the police station...they are not custodians of rights of the common man, but are the custodians of the crime...
465.                     Danish Rizvii, journalist at Lucknow- Bhaaaaaago
466.                     Bhanu Prakash Dubey, police photographer- Police bina achche SAMAJ Ki klpna bhi nhi ki ja skti
467.                     अवधेश पाण्डेय- associated with RSS- 2 जनवरी को कार चोरी की एफ आई आर कराई थी. अब तक लेने न जा सका. स्पष्ट है कि उनसे अच्छे व्यवहार की उम्मीद नहीं.
468.                     Janmejoy Patel- works at Worked at Sundargarh Education Society- TROUBLE !
469.                     Nagendra Singh Raghav, principal in Alpine law college, Dehradun- आज की पुलिस के बारे में ये अनुभव और धारणा है कि कोई भी गैर कानूनी कार्य / व्यवसाय / अपराध आदि करना हो तो पहले पुलिस का "चढ़ावा" चढाओ और फिर आराम से उक्त गैर कानूनी कृत्य करो वस पकडे मत जाना वर्ना पुलिस मुकर जायेगी
470.                     Rajeev Khare from Hardoi-  साले भो.. के मा..चो. दिमाग मेँ आता है
471.                     Rajesh Kumar Suthar. Self employed- पुलिस का नाम सुनते ही एक लिजलिजा सा अहसास होता है, निर्बल को डंडा सबल को सलाम यही है हमारी पुलिस का काम
472.                     Dheeraj Tagra, News editor at monthly magazine-  panga, means koi issue ho gya h jo police dikayi ya sunai de.
473.                     Shobha Singh, housewife-  Ek insan jo jindagi bhar parivar se door rahkar dusaro ko surakhsa deta hai.holi, divali me bhi apno se door dusaro ka tyohar achche se man jaye iski duty deta hai.apne ghar me baithkar aalochana karna bahut aasaan hai.unki jindgi jiyo tab samajh me aaye.
474.                     Anil Dixit- Hindi journalist- चोर और भ्रष्टों की सरदार।
475.                     Satyaki Yadav- chor hai
476.                     Shubhasheesh Bhattacharya, Professor in Symbiosis, Pune-  1st thing that comes in mind (Honestly speaking): "Ghus-khor", "Intimidator", "Not for Honest and Ordinary citizens"
477.                     Neeraj Sharma, works in Dhaka, Bangladesh- Police shabd se mujhe ek "Rajnitik aakaon ke ghulam" ki tasveer nazar aati hai. Iska jeeta jaagta udaaharan mujhe Amethi mein dekhne ko mil raha hai jahan Dr. kumar Vishwas ki aur unke volunteers ki shikayat darj nahin ki jaati, ulta unhi par FIR darj kar diya jaata hai. Aur toh aur, yeh toh ghulami ki had hi ho gayi ki azaad bharat mein AAP ke volunteers ko kaha jaa raha hai ki Amethi chhod do nahin toh giraftaar kar lenge. Magar Congress aur BJP ke hazaron karyakartaon ko jo bahar se aaye hue hain, koi Police wala kuchh nahin kehta !!
478.                     Pradeep Srivastav, Chief Reporter, Dainik Jagran-  भ्रष्‍टाचार का प्रतिबंब
479.                     Vikas Tripathi, Rajasthan Patrika-  तीन पेशेवरों ने आम जन का खून ही चूसा हे. बकील डॉक्टर और पुलिस.
480.                     Vikash Singh, Dept of Social work, Jamia Milia- Choor, lootere...and Choor, lootere. ke bhaye bandhu !
481.                     Shiromani Gayatri Mishra- Director at Vista Education- Unwanted 2T.....T2 Meant Terror, Trouble
482.                     Ashish Shukla, works in Intas Biopharma-  poolice sab sunte hi lagta hai kucchh galat huaa hai
483.                     Rajeev Ranjan from BJP- Somehow this particular word and institution has failed to generate confidence in public.
484.                     DrRk Verma- consultant surgeon- SARKARI GUNDON KA SANGTHIT SAMOOH---Justice AN Mulla, ME TOO
485.                     Rajiv Goel, ownder Atkins Infraprojects-  Licensed dakait
486.                     Sanjay Parmar- ex Sahara India employee- paiso ke liye comon man ko pareshan karne wala politition,udhyog pati ur vagdar logo ka paltu prani.
487.                     Ys Rajput, retired official from SAIL- your question is timely. The first image in mind is 'sarkari gunda' - a person having no fear of law. I may add - perhaps the reason is low wages and excessive work load.
488.                     Vishal Shukla, Hindustan, Kanpur-  परेशानी का सबब..
489.                     Mritunjay Singh, self employed- wolf.
490.                     Abhay Kumar, self employed- Politically undergraduate literally-ill Indian sipahi hummm! (Polish)
491.                     Samarth Bajpai, Assistant Manager, sahara India-The usual common man albeit in a uniform being paid to behave positively ,responsibly and usefully
492.                     Krishan Murari Singh, journalist- राई का पहाड़ बनाने वाली गैंग
493.                     Sanjiv Thakur, legal head in private sector- Teri Maa ki Jai Ho...!!!!
494.                     Vijay Kumar, DGP-The word Police creates a image of a corrupt person who is normally ill behaved. It is unfortunate that although 67 years have gone by no one has done any thing in thing this regard.
495.                     Nisar Ahmad Khan, Chairman at Azad Shiksha Kendra- वर्दी वाला
496.                     Pratyoosh Kumar, Management Trainee in CIL- Arrogant and dishonest be honest.
497.                     Abhishek Jain, businessman- political obliged legal investigate communication enteprenur.
498.                     Ritu Jamal, Basic Shiksha parishad-  Fear. Infact terror!
499.                     Jagdish Arora, DGM, SAIL- Fear of harassment
500.                     Kailash Chand Aggrawal, social activist- Cops Were Worse Than Taliban, Says Model Poonam Pandey
501.                     Navroz Havewala, IIM Banglore passout- Police.... partners of the Mafia.
502.                        Abhay Pratap Singh, Allahabad High Court-for crimnals they are frns, for citizens they are dictator
503.                        Janak Keshriya- self employed-With Unlimited Power comes Responsibility, but the Power is being Misused on daily basis....Day in day out.
504.                        Vinay Krishna, from Patna-People generally say"Netaon aur amiron ka chamcha aur aam aadmi ka sosak,"
505.                     Amit Verma, an officer with Government of India- A Force with colonial era attitude and after independence salary and facilities. A Force with cricket team like expectations but hockey team like infrastructure and official support. A group of employees with patriarchal thought but deployed for preservation of the rights and safety of woman. A Deptt. made for welfare of people but look at people (a complainant) as enemy. A Deptt. where employees work to earn livelihood for their families but barely provide physical care to their family members. There is lot more but not the right place to express
506.                        Subhash Kumar Yadav, lives in Varanasi -I really appreciate the thought of Mr Amit Verma. But in my perception only police is a force who help needful in any emergency situation.  People believe in police they come for their solutions.  But policemen are not coming from heaven.  They are also come from society. Society is msde of both types of people. Only few police officer are corrupt & they make system corrupted.
507.                        Bharat Choudhary, HBTI Kanpur graduate- NA dosti Karo NA panga lo..
508.                        अंकित सिंह, lives in Frankfurt, Germany-Police! very arrogant, ill behaved, ill mannered person of society (Irrespective of police rank). They donot listen to even genuine questions and if asked they charge you back. I am not saying all but yes majority throughout India. If you have contacts then expect that atleast they'll listen to you else common person go to hell. Police only fears or say service Politicians & Press or political Gundas/Criminals.
509.                        Rohit Mathur, my IIT batchmate, now lives in New Jersey- "Safety and security" - but I haven't lived in India in a long time - so may not be relevant to your surve
510.                        Vivek Sharma, former Bank manager, now social worker- Police....."something wrong"
511.                        Alok Kumar Suryansh, social activist-Police matlab lachar netaon ke gulam.
512.                        Vijay Kumar from Gorakhpur-Musibat...
513.                        Shashank Shekherbajpai- न उगलते चैन ; न निगलते....?
514.                        Vishal Mishra- journalist from Lucknow- police matlab wardi wala gunda
515.                        Bishnoi Om, engineering student-  a force which unable .....due to corrupt system/politics.....aur khakhi film ka bachey ke khilony wala diolog jo amitabh ne bola....
516.                        Aditya Narain Singh, associate professor in Ghosi, Mau- Rajnitik mohra .
517.                        Anurag Singh, Manager in Food Corporation of India- Fear....
518.                        Praveen Bhalla, works in SAIL, Bhilai- The name Police doesn't give any assurance for a person but creates an anxiety rather.
519.                     Birendra Pratap, infrastructure work-  Responsible for the prevention and detection of crime and the maintenance of public order but can not denied above comments by gentle man - need to review from base.
520.                     fournineeightaka Dushman- 1. Corrupt 2. Autocratic. 3. arbitrary. 4. Abusive 5. Extortionists
521.                     Asif Anas, Research Scholar, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi-first feeling comes in my mind that pay some money without doing anything.
522.                     Dr VSG rao- Corruption is the first feeling. There are many good feelings also (Power, Secure) we associate with the Police, but they are in second & later positions.
523.                     Amjad Afridi- A Lethargic and in-efficient organization that will harass me and demand money from me if I ever approach them for help.
524.                     Usha Boppana-  The word that comes to me is 'guard'.
525.                     Dr R Gupta- Bhay
526.                     A N Narayanswamy, IIT passout- Corruption
527.                     Md. Mohiuddin, environment engineer- bribe!
528.                     Thiagarajan- 1. I remember the man stopping vehicles and pocketing money from those stopped 2. Those who have been trained to be rude to public at most of the times   3. There are exceptional officers at very high ranking positions who exude compassion but most others are rude. I have met some great people too, but exceptions seem to prove the observation no. 2 
529.                     Mukesh Anjaria- IIT Kanpur passout- 'First "Bad" then "corrupt" then 'pity" for the half of the police force not in the public eye, and all lower ranks.
530.                     Shadi Katiyal- Dear Mr. Tahkur, You are going to get various remarks as police officers or even a policeman has different effect on everyone and different in various areas. For me word GREED and DEMAND OF MONEY from private transportation whether truks or taxis. Rudeness and abusive language. These are not public servants but rulers. Good luck and wonder if Police department will let you publish it.
531.                     Sujeet Sinha- A feeling that the problem will not be solved. It may not give the feeling of complete safety but still I would like to have the police around in cities and communities so that places can be kept safe from anti-social element
532.                     Rasmit Kumar Parida from Puri, Orissa- A “clique” from whom I must stay away, It creates a sensational fear in the nerves.....and dont make a friendship with them....just make a healthy distance with them....
533.                     Mr Kalra, University Today- R u serious? As a police officer of some standing don't u by now know that the very word 'police' gives a feeling of fear, awe and utter disgust. The colonial attitudes still persist. No sensible person likes to interact with police. Regards,
534.                     Shyam Rudra Pathak 09818216384- fought for Hindi exam for IITs- My personal experience has shown to me that police is the mightiest goonda ( law breaker, anti social, immoral and uncivilized people) in India. They adopt all sorts of false and concocted charges to help the government.
535.                     Havewala- Police - Partners of the Mafia.
536.                     Prof. Arif Ali, Ph.D.; PDF UW-Madison, USA,  Department of Bio sciences, Ex Head, Department of Bio sciences, Jamia Millia Islamia University--- Terror and long unending procedures and humiliation.
537.                     Annie Namala- social activist working for dalit rights- Violence by police come to mind.
538.                     Ajeet Kumar- kee police sabsey bara sarkari gunda hai,sabsey bara chor hai 
539.                     Name hidden- If it is in the US - Law and order and respect. If it is in India - be careful of what to say, and watch. They need money. Be careful of frame up. Sorry for the above comment but you asked for it. I know you are a respected police person. If Indian police uphold law and order I will change my opinion. This is personal and private. No name to be used.
540.                     Thaakor Pathak, CEO at Priority Consultancy-  Some sort of Trouble.
541.                     Anoop Gupta, IT consultant- trouble and to look for some higher contacts.
542.                     Devnand, Project Lead- keep away from them
543.                     AJAY TIWARI, Quality expert- Many question arises ,,,, Kahi kuchh galat to nahi hua...
544.                     Bibhuti Jha, professional- What else they want now?
545.                     Saad Rashid Khan Nadwi, translator- first of all we afraid
546.                     murugesh devendran, Assistant professor- fear and trouble
547.                     Gajendra Choudhary, technology lead in Wells Fargo- Foul language
548.                     Sundar Rajan Ramaswamy, process evanlegist- public good ahead of private concerns/challenges, low pay, low respect, tough situations, low morale combined with high expectations
549.                     Kothamasu Kalyan Chandra, technology lead at Wells Fagro- A sense of security. Some one to save us.. Depends on situation.
550.                     Ajay Bhardwaj, software engineer in Siemens- bhago :)
551.                     Anurag Gupta, IT specialist- Bachh kar rahna.
552.                     Govind Gupta, account manager- Jab aap Bike pe ho or koi paper missing ho..tb dar lagta hai Chalan na kaat de..
553.                     vinay sheel, development architect at SAP Labs- Well I and my driver had all the papers required for car driving ... traffic cop chief took my driver Driving license book for verification .. mean time junior cop asked us to come aside for some discussion .. and just after 30 seconds traffic cop chief soughted " O my god this license has already been expired ... you need to go court now" ... actually the moment we turned to talk to junior cop , chief torned down / removed the license renewal page ... now driver DL book was invalid .." Aankh band Dibba gayab". I didn't have anything to proof that he has removed the renewed page . Felt like slapping him .. but well I was with my family in pilgrimage tour .. Allahabad.
554.                     Rakesh Kumar Pandey, Director at Mark One Impex- Police in UP : TRY TO KEEP AWAY.
Police in Gurgaon:Approach friendly.
555.                     Vishnu Agrawal, Professor in MNNIT, Bhopal- There are excellent policemen across India. Right from ancient times, Police is highly important wing of Indian Government in present times who needs to achieve International Standards to prevent Crime and Protect Law & Order!
556.                     Sulabh Pandey from Mumbai- Chor
557.                     Rahul Singhal, works in NTPC- Pathetic working conditions of lower level police personnel and apthy of police department towards the comman man. Police serves the interest of political leaders and not that of aam janta.
558.                     Gyaneshwar Gupta- Fear & disgust