Thursday, April 25, 2013

Respected friends,

Hereby we, Amitabh and Nutan, wish to begin our new journey in blogging by joining hands together in this new Blog, we have so fondly named as Amitabh and Nutan's world.

In this blog we wish to share our thoughts, works, deeds, actions, view points, literary works and others. The blog shall be bilingual- in Hindi and English. 

Many of our works go together and in other works, we shall be specifying the name of the author of the Post.

We hope this will prove to be a pleasant and enjoyable journey for us and all our friends who shall be following our blog.

With regards and best wishes,

Nutan and Amitabh
# 094155-34525 and 094155-34526


  1. शुभकामनाएं।

  2. Best of Luck and will be more interested in reading about the aam aadmi and aam aurat's story through your blog.

  3. Congrats, Greetingsa, Blessings and All Good Wishes to both of you Amitabh and Nutan Thakur ji !
    Warm Regards
    Ashok Sharma,New Delhi
    Mobile # : 09899779601

  4. This is the right place where you can communicate to your followers and your fans and vice versa.

  5. Great idea! All the best! Hope to visit this page often.

  6. thanks a lot respected friends, for ur good wishes

  7. I will look forward to the good work of you duo in social good. It is always a guiding spirit for me to fight for the truth and justice.

  8. This will be a kind of electronic library of your social works. Good step, and hope that it will be ready reference for common people.
    This blog will achieve its popularity in very short span of time.
    Good luck and Congrats !!!

  9. Wish to Wish all intention and going to proven another chip in whole block of fight against man made tyrannies.
    Abid Siraj, New Delhi

  10. नूतन भाभी और अमिताभ भईया को ढेर सारी बधाईयाँ।

  11. We have been supporting the rural community near Bindki in Fatehpur thru REaD Foundation. Perhaps you can reach out & help the needy in this community as well.