Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Defamation suit for unsubstantiated allegations

There seems to a substantial section of our society who believe in complete freedom as regards their use of words- proper or improper, temperate or intemperate, substantiated or unsubstantiated.

A few months ago I and wife Nutan had sent a complaint to enquire into alleged collection of money through Sahara Q shop scheme against the provisions of law, basing ourselves on certain facts.

In his reply, Director, Sahara Q shop not only denied the charges, he made a counter allegation that we are acting with vested reasons to get Companies operations de-established and are White-collar extortionist.

We sent legal notice twice requesting the Director either to present facts in support of his statements so as to explain why he made such allegations or to seek unconditional apology. No response came.

To this Nutan has registered an FIR against Director, Sahara Q Shop, Mumbai under section 500 IPC related with defamation for using inappropriate words without substantiating them with reasons.

Would like to get your reaction to this.

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